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Bonnyrigg Rose: the where do I get parked thread

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12 hours ago, The Mantis said:

Stand to be corrected but here's my take on it.
Historically Bonnyrigg and Nitten were the two big rivals in the Juniors, bigger than Dalkeith, Arniston, Penicuik, Musselburgh. You also had Whitehill up the road in the seniors who were some team back in the day. Both these Junior clubs could get 2-300 on their day and more for a derby. WW could get 100-150 but got some big occasions in the Scottish nearly every year.

When Nitten got their new stadium in 1994 it looked like they would pull away and it's a bit of a sliding doors situation, as my memory is of them winning most of the trophies. About 10 years ago Bonnyrigg were on the brink after a fire destroyed their pavilion and a lot of their history. The current chairman made a load of changes and I think a lot of the old Junior guys left. They had a vote to throw in their lot with the EOS and it seems they have never looked back. They have hoovered up most of the local sponsors and it just seems to have snowballed.

In contrast Nitten and WW dwindled away and are currently at tier 7 although they seem to have bottomed out. They both play in villages though and Bonnyrigg is now the largest town in Midlothian. There are people who say the Rose have had more than their fair share of help from the council but I don't know anything about that.

Interesting. Thanks Mantis.

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Blimey me it’s Saturday and no football fix, no play off, Cup finals this year,  but at least we have another season in the SPFL. It a bit quiet regarding players leaving, staying etc, but respect to the club as I imagine the player are still contracted till end of May/June. Will renew my season ticket next week and whet the appetite for next season.

C’mon The Rose 🌹 🌹🌹

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