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Arbroath v Raith Rovers

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19 minutes ago, lichtie23 said:

Definitely not. I’m looking forward to the rearranged game being played during November in a howling gale  

Only if it gets abandoned before or during the game. That would really make the experience.

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2 hours ago, Lichtie78 said:

Well The Queen is still dead but we're allowed to play now. Start of 3 consecutive home games for us where we need to be getting some points on the board. 

We've failed to score in 3 of our 5 away fixtures, so if you score you'll more than likely be collecting the 3 points. 

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12 hours ago, Hank Scorpio said:

A thread of “we are shiter than you” awaits. How is Scott Allan getting on with the ball sailing over his head 50 times a game? 

We really haven’t been doing that much, we did it at Cove and we were god awful that day. Ask any QP fan about Fridays game or watch the highlights and you’ll see the kind of team we have been recently. We are a bunch of midgets and been far too lightweight this season but ToB coming back and the signing of big Bitsindou kind of changed that. We have been popping it about the last few weeks


I still wouldn’t start Scott Allan here though after we’ve played quite well the last 2 games don’t think anyone deserves to drop out of the team. 

It will be interesting to see if Bobby plays through the middle with Hilson again.

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Got that feeling which ain’t nice when you go from looking forward to a game to thinking will I bother going Wednesday.

Son wants to go so I’ll end there but just wish Rovers would learn to start creating some clear cut chances and start showing some cutting edge.

Not been one game where I thought we’ve been outclassed but the table don’t lie after 10 games.

A defeat and we’ll go from in the playoff hunt before Morton game to right in the relegation mix.

Cmon you Raith, let’s get it going.

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