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Caroline Glachan Murder - Three convicted 27 years on


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Three people have been convicted of murdering 14 year old Caroline Glachan in Renton in 1996.

Robert O'Brien, Andrew Kelly and Donna Marie Brand, now in their 40s, were all convicted at the High Court in Glasgow.  Caroline had been in a relationship with O'Brien and left her home to meet him - a short time later she was beaten and thrown into the River Leven.  Police at the time seem to have made errors, not following up on statements that contradicted the alibis of the killers as well as an interview with a four year old boy who the murderers had been babysitting that night and who witnessed the attack.


Really tragic case, some absolutely terrible people involved.  The killer sat smoking heroin while babysitting two children, then woke them up and walked them down to teh river where they killed a 14 year old and then put them back to bed.  The four year old was deemed unfit to give evidence now and is said to be highly traumatised.  Why would someone get a bunch of kids, let alone a load of drug users, to look after a four and two year old?  Crazy.

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10 hours ago, Leith Green said:

It's hard to believe that 3 are in their mid 40s, they look ready for the knackers yard !

Yeah, a life of crime and drugs isn't good for the complexion.

Since the murder O'Brien has been convicted of serious assault, robbery, drug dealing and attempted murder, where he shot someone with a crossbow.  Kelly has been convicted of possession of an offensive weapon.  Clearly some very violent, dangerous people.

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2 hours ago, Melanius Mullarkay said:

Life in the Vale,

THats what @Sweet Pete looks like and hes only 21.

Pretty much.
I used to live in Dalmuir, after being made homeless and needed a flat near the kids.  A lot of the worst efforts from up the Vale ended up moving into the blocks around me.
Was hard to remind yourself that these were once someones little toddlers with their whole lives ahead of them, some truly awful lives being led.

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This horrendous episode has haunted this area for far too long, and at least the truth is now out - it is to be hoped that Lord Braid is not inclined towards any prospect of an early consideration for release.

And Caroline Glachan's mother Margaret summoned more dignity yesterday than these three murderous cretins ever managed.

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1 hour ago, BillyAnchor said:

The Renton, (Ranton).  The Kind Man Bar. Is it still there?

The building is still there but the pub has long since ceased operating.  Back in the day the Kind Man football tournament which took place on Tontine Park was a big thing and several pros would take part.

About 100 yards along the road was The Central Bar.  Better known as 'Winnie's', it was used as a location in the 1990's film 'Regeneration' starring Johnny Lee Miller.

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