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  1. You don't understand, mate. The players are perfect, we just need to clap more.
  2. Clyde looked very much a bottom (or thereabouts) of the table team. Even with the wind advantage first half we still looked far better than them when we got it down and charged at them. Hogarth is a poor replacement for Long. Not many at this level would be a straight swap for him, but Hogarth isn't far above the level of the understudy that he replaced. Incidentally, I couldn't hear a word of the Brett Long q&a. What did he say?
  3. Every time we broke on the deck during the first half we looked dangerous. If Clyde couldn't score despite Hogarth trying desperately to make them do so in the first half then hopefully we come out guns blazing second half
  4. It's absolutely lashing down in the Vale, but we always get the weather a bit worse here due to the valley.
  5. Ask who? There's no-one man's that door. I've never once been challenged on it. Are you trying to go out the turnstile or fire exit or something?
  6. I go out to smoke and come back in, fairly regularly. Along with a Peterhead fan mate of mine whenever they're in town. You just walk out the door beside the club shop into the main stadium entrance, stand outside and smoke and then back in again. That's always been the case for the circa 20 years I've been going.
  7. Fantastic result, Sons. Great day for the Killie as well. I'll be marching off to @The Moonster's gig tonight with a massive hard-on.
  8. Remember when you lot used to play at the Hibby in Duntocher? The amateur team leant the use of the ground in exchange for a tannoy as I recall. And as soon as the contact died, it was off on the road again for the Papers. I remember the pitch was so small Barry John Corr nearly scored from a kick out. Listen, I grew up in Clydebank, I saw my first ever game at Kilbowie (snuck in at half time as the ground wasn't full sided), but The Sons have done nothing to deserve any ire from any living Bankie. The two teams have either cooperated or avoided each other in recent memory. If the west of Scotland league forum is super boring and you come in here for some excitement then that's ok. I understand. I bought a season ticket for the Bankies during COVID just to help them out. Now stop pretending there's any rivalry between our two clubs and off you pop. There's a good chap.
  9. I don't think you know what 'entrenched' means.
  10. Aw I forgot I'm a sectarian. That obviously trumps the fact that Spartans are a nothing club with no fans playing at a sports centre. You begged a ground from Drumchapel Amateurs then begged a ground from Yoker Athletic and both times threw in "we'll fix it up" as a sweetener. Sit down.
  11. Spartans are a joke club so I hope we pump them about 40 nil, but we're at the mercy of Stevie Farrell's tombola team selection and negative tactics, so who knows. Probably be a draw.
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