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  1. It's all about opinions but I thought we were good yesterday and didn't see it as an even contest deserving of a draw. I saw it as a good Dumbarton performance where the better team got the win they deserved.
  2. It was a 4141 today. Lennon looked a bit more composed (or less exposed?) at centre back. Newbury worked well in defensive midfield. Tony Wallace and Michael Ruth were my men of the match, both influential and tireless. Hogarth was very good today, with some terrific reaction saves. Gray played well but still needs to learn to pass/release the ball (feel like I just type that every time for him). Blair works better as a left back and hopefully continues there. (Giving myself a virtual pat on the back for posting recently that Wallace should start, Newbury could do well in deep midfield and Blair should be at LB...). Orsi had a good game (a few poor decisions or mishit crosses aside), but I'd like to see him shoot rather than always look to dribble and turn. Home crowd was thinner than earlier in the season. Farrell received a 50/50 boos to cheers both times he came out the tunnel. Decent performance today and an enjoyable match for a change. We came under some pressure late on, but it's the points that matter. Missed the winner as the wee yin needed a pish and wanted sweets
  3. He's a "key player" in as much as he was talented with the ball at his feet. But he couldn't score in a brothel and spent most games dropping back to defensive mid looking for the ball rather than making any impact in the attacking third. We've lost a recognised forward, which we are light on numbers wise, but we won't notice much difference on the field in my humble opinion. I always wanted him to play 90 mins up high, close to a striker such as Ruth, but either by way of accident, design or poor planning he was inevitably too deep to affect the goals for column, or stuck up front as a lone target man while high balls were shelled over his midget head. Probably would have been far more effective under a less defensively minded manager.
  4. Sensible contract extension. He's a useful player.
  5. A goals to games ratio of circa 1 in 6 isn't good enough for a striker, certainly not one who is clearly one of the most talented with a ball in the squad. You could argue he was in and out of the team or argue about service, but he generally never looked like shooting or therefore scoring for the most part.
  6. A wee move to The Hibby might suit them. They've tried everywhere else.
  7. Being rank rotten and on death's door for 15 years has probably worn most of them down.
  8. Orsi frustrates me. He could do better, but usually doesn't. Healy and Kelly have only just joined so deserve a run of games to try and make an impact. Blair has played less terribly in his two LB appearances than his generally underwhelming midfield performances.
  9. I drove past Glenhead Park, home of Drumchapel Amateurs and former home of Clydebank, this morning. The pitch is like a bowling green. It just rubs salt in the wound that an amateur stadium has a perfect pitch and a 'professional' team play on a pitch worse than the ones at Argyll Park.
  10. Right, here's what I hope we'll see on Saturday: Hogarth Lynas, Newbury, Crighton, Blair Carlo, Gray, Malcolm Healy Kelly, Ruth With Healy playing a free role to drop into the hole, drift wide and join up with the frontline making it an asymmetrical 442-cum-433. Alas, the lineup will be whatever Stevie's tombola provides and the formation will be the same as ever.
  11. Tough talk. Maybe you and @Bring Back Paddy Flannery should have a straightener? My money's on the auld yin. Kick to kill. No weapons.
  12. Without all the cloak and dagger, what was actually said? And by whom?
  13. This season is a shambles. Can't wait for it to be over.
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