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It isn't about to get any better.

Not least because Priestley has decided this is as good a time as any to go walkabout.

Wade is getting clinical with the opening doubles and it's doing some major damage right now.

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The result really wasn't a shock, but Wade was more impressive than he was even when he won this tournament. He still clearly doesn't like it though.

Priestley just used every ounce of experience he has and it came through for him.

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Ahh, the old master does it again! Great showing from Priestley and he'll be relishing his encounter against Painter in the next round.

EDIT: Barney a little off colour so far as Tabern wins the first set 3-0.

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You just felt when Barney got the first shot of the combination the last two were going in. Really has to up his game but I don't think he has the mentality to seriously challenge Taylor for this tournament, when things are going against him he gives in too easily.

The tournament is really heating up though and I would say that is the best game I have seen in terms of entertainment anyway.

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Went to bed after the Barney match last night so it was good to wake up to the news that Steve Beaton has progressed.

He's found his form again in the floor tournaments over the last 18 months so it's nice to see him continue that form on the telly.

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Right, the usual caper. Last night signalled a time where I was able to stick with it and it should be the same tonight. Cool beans !


Set One : 3-0

Set Two : 2-3

Set Three : 1-3

Set Four : 3-2

Set Five : 1-3

* Best of five. I'm going for Lloyd here, but I half expect Smith to come out and win this.

* Lloyd opens with a 124 and that won't harm the cause any !

* That'll be the set then. :lol: So much for my Andy Smith idea. I did predict Lloyd though, so it looks like it might be 1 for 1. Unless this one takes a huge see saw.

* Andy Smith has turned it on a bit, which means he's getting success with his own throw. Lloyd still isn't playing badly, so it's going to be a hell of a tussle.

* Andy Smith holding his throw, which in the long run won't be enough. He has to break Lloyd in this match at some point.

* Thanks to Lloyd missing 12 darts to open, Smith got his break and he continues to show an improvement in his game after the diabolical first set. He's now just going along nicely.

* 156 finish there from Lloyd. That's a crowd pleaser and a half. :D Can he follow that up ?

* Andy Smith decides to do his own eye opener with a 103 finish. He's playing really well at the moment and has flung three 180s.

* What is it with these two guys ? Some blinding darts this match, with Lloyd taking his turn doing a 150.

* No surprise that we have seen yet another belter in this tournament. Andy Smith played well, but you have to say that Lloyd completely threw that one away.


Set One : 2-3

Set Two : 3-2

Set Three : 2-3

Set Four : 3-1

Set Five : 1-3

* I'm predicting Lewis here, but I'd be delighted if Anderson wins, because he'd have to play incredibly well.

* Gary Anderson needs to settle down with that last dart at times, as he ends up a bit away from the intended target after a bit of a rush.


* This, ladies and gentlemen, is yet another corker in this tournament.


* The quality here is just ridiculous and the match has been dramatic as well. This is like the next level down from Taylor/Barney.

* Adrian Lewis was absolutely amazing there. You just cannot take anything away from that.


Set One : 3-2

Set Two : 3-1

Set Three : 3-0

* Jones is a decent player, but I don't think he's quite on Taylor level, even on his best day, so I guess it can only be Taylor for the win here.

* It does seem very by the numbers stuff here. Certainly not as good as the first couple of matches. Taylor never looks in danger on his throw. Neither does Jones though.

* This match is a waste of my time.

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Andy Smith is very under-rated. This year in particular he has had some very good tournaments. That's why I fancied him against BIG VINNY~~~!!! Colin Lloyd is playing some brilliant darts in this match though.

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Nope. Priorities and all that.

:( showdown must wait

Gone for a Llyod, Lewis and Jenkins treble tonight. Not confident on Lewis, but he had good odds.

Llyod has been stunning in this match, and now looks like losing the second set!

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Pfft. It would have been a formality anyways.

If I had played you in the Morton, then yes, never won in there :(

Anyway, come on Lloyd, do this fat pie!!

Epic decider time!!

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