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Random Matches You Are Going To...


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On ‎09‎/‎10‎/‎2019 at 13:00, Rab B Nesbit said:

Yes go on their website Connor I did it a few weeks ago back from MK Dons £45. It leaves Euston at 23.50 into Glasgow / Edinburgh at 7.20. 



I did that for Scotland vs Nigeria at Craven Cottage - went straight into work on the Thursday morning, had a shower and started work!

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I think when the move initially happened, they had plans to sell, but have managed to keep going. 
Always used to enjoy when the police came in to see who was about and they put on "The Bill" theme tune. 
Apart from the football itself, it's the one thing I miss about going every week. Probably find our paths have crossed at one time or another. 
Yes big W used to put on a few good tunes when old bill came in to wind em up

Other day looking thro some great pics in pub wae macca. Alvin martin etc

Yes without doubt prob had a drunken chat/rabble/sing song

Miss old place and that pub just after dug shit alley before Boleyn.
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First game in diary for new season is...


Bloody hell, in London in October and this seems to be the only game in town.

Still, have never been to Leyton Orient, and I'm told it's a good trip.

Fixtures out tomorrow will see a good few dates filled out.
In the game I've been waiting for since fixtures were published, it's Leyton Orient v Walsall today.

One nil to Walsall at HT, helped by Dean Brill (ex Inverness) losing track of the ball and giving Walsall an easy goal.

Walsall have been very cute in possession, a few players very comfortable in the ball and making lots of short passes. Stuart Sinclair and Wes McDonald have caught the eye. Orient are a bit hoofy.

Cracking stadium, I was told it would be like a better version of Firhill and I agree.

Almost full house helped by a Football for a Fiver promotion today. IMG_20191012_133956.jpegIMG_20191012_143509.jpegIMG_20191012_150516.jpegIMG_20191012_145016.jpegIMG_20191012_152151.jpeg
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20 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

I’m getting tickets for Newcastle vs Man City on 30th November.

Its been moved to 12.30 due to TV so going to stay in Newcastle on the Friday night.

Will be good for a wee change but just my luck to be seeing City just when they have turned into a team that’s not capable of challenging for the title. Doh !!

Are the Bairns not playing that day GB ? 


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14 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

Yes we are playing Stranraer.

Will you be at an NF/BNP rally or something that weekend ??

Just wow !

Hopefully the real fans will make the trip down.  

I’ll be at the match in my seat GB :)

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19 minutes ago, Grangemouth Bairn said:

You have obviously not seen his comments from last week.

Your mate ain’t all what you crack him up to be.

I will stop though. Deaf ears trying to get the Mods to react.

I don’t do insults so I’ll keep this as polite  as I can. You really aren’t very bright. 

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Coldstream 3-4 Edinburgh United yesterday. 

Incredible game at Home Park. United 2-0 and 3-1 up conceded in the 88th and 91st minutes. With the game level at 3-3 they won it with Stephen Scott scoring a 93rd minute winner. Crowd 95.






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