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  1. Aberdeen - Miovski Celtic - Furahashi Dundee - McCowan Hearts - Shankland Hibs - Vente Kilmarnock - Vassell Motherwell - Paton Rangers - Souttar Ross County - White St Johnstone - May St Mirren - Kiltie England - Ramsdale
  2. What is ringing true for me is that he seems to think, like I do, that you seem to think every post you make on here is like you're some kind of Julian Assange figure, and EVERYONE must be frantic upon reading your "revelations". I, and others, said as soon as McIlvogue's name was mentioned that there was nothing in his background which suggested he had anything LIKE the money needed to clear a seasons losses. I, and others, read EXACTLY the same link as everyone else containing the judgement of Lord Braid, and have severe misgivings about the financial state of the club. Just because we don't post it on here ad infinitum, or mock people when we don't get a response, doesn't mean that we're not concerned.
  3. Absolutely, irrevocably, in every fucking way, THIS.
  4. Revenue figures - any chance of a breakdown? Or is that back of a beer mat stuff? Player discontent, of whatever level, has always been around. That’s what will happen when the manager is, shall we say, combustible.
  5. 10 point deduction for the Toffees. I still reckon they'll stay up, probably quite comfortably too.
  6. Martindale knows more about his players than I do, and more about setting up a team than I do. But we never look like scoring again. Ever.
  7. I’ve a question for you. I’m one of the many who have heard all the stories. I may believe some of them, whilst I’m sure that some are utter nonsense. Tell me though - in your opinion, what do I do? You and Roger have spent the last few weeks, at least, tearing into those in charge at the club and making some pretty disparaging comments re the same people. When you’ve been asked before, the response has been along the lines of “folk should listen more, take their fingers out their ears.” Is that it? Is that all you have?
  8. They're not stories. You only need to read the Court of Session judgement at the end of October, where his involvement in negotiations relating to Nixon/Hogarth money is detailed. Granted it's from 2016, but the fact that he was so close to that type of thing is startling. And the notion that he doesn't get involved at that level now, to me, is fanciful. Here's the thing for me. I bet you that the vast majority of the Livi support are well versed in the rumours of Martindale's involvement at Livi, and indeed, outwith Livi. These "stories" aren't just flying around now, they've been in the wind for years.
  9. close to home - f**k me it’s Alloa to Whitburn, you’d think he was away trekking the Hindu Kush! (agree entirely with your post btw)
  10. Spurs playing a high line whilst down to 9 men and up against a team with Mudryk in it is peak angeball and exactly what I want from my football viewing.
  11. It's not just last night. If it was just last night, in isolation, then I could understand a defensive formation. For all Hearts have been poor this season, it's still a team with Shankland, Boyce, Kingsley, Beningime - those are all players of a different class to us. As I say, it's not just last night. No shots on target in more than four games, is so very, very bad. There's a rot there, and it's close to setting in.
  12. I’ve never seen the players bite back at the manager as much as they have in recent times. If they’re not fed up of him, they’re doing a fine impression of it.
  13. Lovely words Miguel. I always remember a chapter in Frank Taylor’s book, The Day a Team Died. It was the chapter surrounding what happened at Wembley in 1968 after they’d beaten Benfica and in particular the celebrations in London afterwards. Whilst the rest of the team were celebrating, Charlton snuck off to bed without getting involved. He couldn’t bring himself to celebrate having lost his mates at Munich ten years previous.
  14. I can think of three things off the top of my head that have adversely affected us financially. First of all, and it’s the one I’m probably most unsure of, is that it appears to me that there has been a noticeable drop in the number of local businesses who sponsor us. I may be way off with that, but it’s how I see it. The other two, I’m absolutely sure of, and they’re blindingly obvious to all. We’re living in the biggest cost of living crisis this club will have ever seen, and certainly living with highest utility costs the club will have ever seen. We also have the financial burden of VAR. Those are two things, straight off the bat, that did not exist when we were promoted and have financially crippled us.
  15. Along the same vein, it's the Italy game in 2007 for me. I know we got lucky with our goal, which was clearly offside, but sitting at 1-1 in that second half we were battering them. McFadden misses a good chance, and also decides to shoot instead of laying it on a plate across the six yard box. We win that game we qualify. I often say that we never really recovered from that defeat, but on reflection it probably just extended the hangover from the Belgium draw in 2001.
  16. Depends in which context you look at it really. An increase of 1,000+ on a single gate equates to as near as dammit an immediate 100% uplift when you look at our core ST support. The real indicator on whether these initiatives are a success is if the club see an increase in ST's purchased season on season, which there has been. Has that been due to participation in the top league? Free ticket giveaways? I've no idea. It's always good to get anecdotal evidence from the likes of yourself; do the club collect info when people purchase a ST as to whether the person is a new attendee, how they heard about the club etc.?
  17. So I'd imagine that most of the tickets are given to the under age football teams in the county, i.e Murieston, East Calder, etc. You'll probably find that those clubs will ask for enough tickets to cover all of the players (cannae offer to one without offering to all etc.). There will be kids in those set ups who have no interest in Livi, and maybe even some with no interest in football at all. I know it's not really the sentiment that you intended, but in my opinion if we do get approximately 1,000+ extra young punters through the gates through this (or indeed any) initiative, then we will indeed be lucky.
  18. Unless of course your name is Steven Gerrard. The fact that he was given more time than Van Bronckhurst and Beale combined and only won one trophy, and still gets an easier ride from sections of the Rangers support than both of the aformentioned, amazes me.
  19. You’re being more than a bit disingenuous here. It is Livingston’s case, but it’s the responsibility of the lawyers to actually present that case, both to the opponents and to the Sheriff/Judge who it goes before. As I said earlier, your client can present you with a bag of bolts; it’s incumbent on their lawyer to actually submit pleadings (and adjust accordingly) in a way that at least makes sense. In my view, the fact that Baird has said that the pleadings were disjointed, lacking detail, etc is pretty shocking on behalf of Livingston’s legal team. Time, of course, isn’t the only factor in cost. It’s also the amount of work carried out during that time. Still, I’m obliged to you for confirming that legal representation at that level isn’t cheap. Here was me thinking you could get it from the middle of Lidl.
  20. I am left struggling to work out why we've had a one man band criminal law firm handling this.
  21. To go from not qualifying for a major tournament in 20+ years to qualifying for two out of the last three, is terrific. What's more impressive for me is the way we've went from qualifying via two penalty shoot-outs, to breezing through a campaign and making it with two games to spare. After 25 years of what seemed like steady decline, this current improvement is fucking wonderful.
  22. Hundreds of thousands might be pushing it. Either way, it may very well be the case that the club feel the need to raise a case against Blackwater. It's them who have made a sows ear of the pleadings, and that is pretty much unforgiveable. Re Hogarth's expenses, that will be another hearing at another date.
  23. LFC have asked the court for a diet of proof (where the court hears submissions from both sides and where cross examination of witnesses happens) because LFC believe Hogarth has defrauded them of a sum of money. LFC’s request to the court has made no sense to Hogarth, and more importantly, has absolutely scoobied Lord Braid, who has made no sense of our arguments. Lord Braid having considered matters has basically said to LFC “your request is word salad, but you may just have a case, go back and make it make sense, but for f**k sake dinnae bring it anywhere near my court”.
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