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  1. As soon as Serbia started playing, England couldn't cope. They are tidy enough when not under any pressure, but as soon their opponents get into the game they unravel.
  2. Should have been a VAR review, otherwise what is the point in having it at all?
  3. Nae wingers. Nae chance.
  4. Aye, and I appreciate that we all pour over replays after games. I felt the tone for the match seemed to be set within the first few minutes. It had the feel of a training exercise. No intent or intensity. Some might regard that as cagey and tentative opening exchanges, but it just seemed flat from KO. That's until the later stages when the blood started to rise and the most competitive element was to establishing who could be most petulant.
  5. Aye, it was a good tackle, but there were (and always are) numerous bizarre decisions in a match. Is there really any point in an inquest after what was a dreadful match with abysmal performances all round? It was going to take an error or slip-up to settle that match, and so it transpired. Could have been at either end. My take away from that game was that it didn't matter enough to either team after the league had been settled. Worst cup final in many moons. So much for it being a showpiece to bring the curtain down on the season.
  6. Liam saying this is tense. Tension would suggest a level of entertainment.
  7. I'm no police state proponent, but I can see a definite argument for water cannons here.
  8. Planet BBC Listings. I googled it, and couldn't see it, but obviously my mistake.
  9. THE major domestic cup final in Scotland not on cooncil tele. We can always console ourselves by watching the English counterpart
  10. Stubbs?! Presumably this Hibee has GSOH in his Tinder profile? Pretty sure Stubbs wasn't averse to the odd "gun for hire". A few of which backfired spectacularly in his big glaikit coupon!
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