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  1. This is probably as poor an opponent as we will encounter in the run in. If we get nothing today it will be very disappointing.
  2. Dundee edging closer to us by a point was a price worth paying for the point and laugh value derived from their result against the hapless Rainjurs. As others have already said, this has been a successful season by any realistic measure. Anyone who doesn't think this has a very short memory or is as deluded as P. Clement Esq.
  3. Highly bizarre that I just took a screenshot o exactly that! Or perhaps not highly bizarre....
  4. Which part of the part quoted? That he was doing reasonably well (subjective, so difficult to claim that it isn't true), or the perception of the support?
  5. I'm assuming you are referring to your own club and supporters here?
  6. The Robinson to St Mirren appointment was largely met with positivity. He had a poor start and there was (bizarrely if not surprisingly) restlessness within a matter of weeks. The key difference there is that he was starting from the club being in a reasonably good position (relative to previous seasons). There is an argument that your new manager will be cut a fair amount of slack as things are unlikely to get much worse. That, however, hinges on managed expectations. I'm already seeing posts about a cup win and top four finish within his first season. Perhaps not entirely unreasonable given the size of the club, budget available, etc, but I recall McInnes doing pretty well but it was never quite good enough for a substantial proportion of the Aberdeen support. I would have thought that a solid top 6 finish and a tilt at Europe in his first season wouldn't be a failure, no?
  7. St Mirren concussion, so both teams get another sub.
  8. That headknock was right in front of Beaton. The man is a plum.
  9. VAR has killed off the enjoyment I had of going to games. Kettlewell's faither is absolutely spot-on. I can't see me returning regularly until it has been hunted.
  10. Fair play McInnes. Changed it what an incredible impact that has had. Sounds as though Saints have completely unravelled, but have to give credit to Killie for a sensational turnaround.
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