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  1. I had the same problem streaming Showbox via Allcast to the TV, however.. It works fine when streaming to the chromecast instead of direct to TV...controls somehow work. Not sure if you have a CC lying about but if you do go for that.
  2. Want to weigh-in with the Maiden/Metallica/Priest discussion. Iron Maiden The Book of Souls took me a while to get properly into but has, I would say..6 absolutely fantastic tracks (eternity, speed of light, red & black, river runs deep, book of souls and tears of a clown). Empire is far too f*cking long though. Absolutely loved The Final Frontier, start to finish. The blaze albums, no prayer and fotd are definitely the weakest albums. Metallica Hardwired was a major disappointment for me, a lot of people love it but it's just not for me. There's nothing on it that really excites me, I havn't listened to it since it first came out. Testamen't s new album was far, far better. That said, Metallica are f*cking amazing and always will be and i'll definitely be going to see them when they tour the UK (hopefully with Volbeat pleeeease). Judas Priest Did anyone actually listen to Redeemer of Souls? It was f*cking BRILLIANT. Nostradamus was gash and Angel of Retribution wasn't very good either. They were absolutely amazing when they played in the Barrowlands recently... much, much better than the SECC shows in recent years
  3. Vouchers! [emoji38] [emoji38] jesus wept... Eta: anyone who is scammed in such a way, totally fucking deserves it. "Dear HMRC, Enclosed my payment of Argos vouchers, as advised. I trust this clears up my recent tax issue. Attached is a photocopy of my credit card and driving licence for my upcoming self assessment."
  4. Only use 2 apps on kodi now, Exodus and Sportsmania. Punted sky at the beginning the season, not looked back once
  5. Gojira are playing the Glasgow ABC on 17/03 Need to try convince my other half to come with me..
  6. Not metal, but f*ck yees. KISS are playing the Hydro in May next year. 27th of May to be exact. Definitely going - will be my 4th time seeing them. Last time at the SECC they were phenominal, not so much at Download admittedly...
  7. Aaaand now for Metallica's new album.. Thought most of it was pretty average/poor without a couple of gems. Standouts for me are Moth, Spit out the bone, am I savage and Lords of summer. Halo on fire was not bad too. Special mention though to dream no more, now that we're dead and murder one which are fucking horse shit. The rest is just average filler... Oh, almost forgot about the Remember Tomorrow cover that was alright.
  8. As long as it doesn't include a shower you'll be alright [emoji28].... Weird image of ozzy pissing over the crowd now.. Hmm Anyway.. I've managed to catch Sabbath 4 times in the last few years, twice Donington, once at Hyde Park and the other in the Hydro. The Hydro was by far the best one of the lot. Happened to be the 13 album tour (big fan of that album) so least got some new songs in there. It's a pretty standard set now, just the big classics but they're brilliant nonetheles. I was going to go to this gig but baulked at the price they were charging. In the space of 3 years the price had went up £30! Unreal..
  9. Thought "Altas, Rise!" was trying to be better than it actually was...if that makes sense...probably only in my head I kinda hate how people go nuts for the most mediocre song just because it's got Metallica's name on it.
  10. Yes. Get it round yer ears. Personal highlights are; Seven Seals, Stronghold, Neptune's Spear, The Pale King & the title track. TFOD was great when it came out but didn't hold any longevity for me personally. The Dark Roots of Earth was OK, but only OK. This new album seems like a good return to form anyway, for the time being...
  11. I can confirm that the new Testament album is fucking BRILLIANT
  12. New Testament and A7X albums out today [emoji16][emoji16]
  13. Mik


    I saw Lordi once at the o2 Academy round about the time hard rock hallelujah was about. It was a brilliant night tbf.
  14. Meh. The Google Pixel doesn't look that exciting to be honest. There's nothing really new to it that isn't already available in most new smartphones, Samsung 7/HTC 10 etc. Higher RAM, better processor, fingerprint scanner - it's the expected upgrades for a high-end handset. The new thing is really the Google Assistant which I wouldn't mind having a play about with, but like most software of this kind, v1 usually has its problems/bugs. No MicroSD expansion is a big negative for me, although I don't think the nexus had this either? The battery is 2770mAh - not brilliant, especially with the upgrade of processing power that the phone will need running Google assistant and Android Nougat.
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