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  1. 7 centre backs would be overkill if they weren’t injury prone but the likelihood for Tierney, Cooper, Souttar or Hanley getting injured is pretty bloody big so I can see why we have them.
  2. I do like their wee video actually, well done. I miss ceefax
  3. I hope McCrorie turns out to be better now than Ralston or we are fucked at rb
  4. lol not really, out in the group stage as per
  5. We’re going to fucking win it.
  6. If people are willing to travel a little bit my friend and I are basing ourselves in Augsburg. There was still some pretty cheap accommodation last time I looked. It’s easy to get to both Munich and Stuttgart from there. Cologne is longer but we got the train booked for €59 each using the fan tickets, so it’s not too bad. As long as you don’t fall asleep on the train and miss the connection.
  7. They did talk a bit about Ferguson early on in the match, then about Hickey not making the Euros and how Scotland were unfortunate with injuries then Motta going to Juve. The commentary was irritating though, i totally agree with you. I hate it when they are always negative about the play, whoever it was doing the co-comms kept going on about bad tackles in the rain, when it wasn’t that bad honestly, he just slid across the ground. He kept slagging off Odgaard of Bologna as well, just because of a couple of mistakes.
  8. Clarke isn’t even really the only manager that does this, it’s arguably why the likes of Maguire has remained in the England squad even in his worst times, they always had a pretty settled squad. I also think he’s basically picking our best players. There isn’t anyone playing better than the players he is picking. You could maybe argue for a couple, I.e you see calls for Gauld etc but he’s doing well in a not especially great league, most of the arguments are for more fringe players. The players he picks are to my mind, the best available.
  9. Does anyone know if Supporters club tickets for the Finland game can be transferred to non-supporters club people? My friend can’t make it now and we want to give the ticket to my dad but he doesn’t have a phone that can cope with e-tickets. So we figured a proper transfer and paper ticket would be best, if they are allowed. I don’t want to ask them if it’s not allowed though, in case it causes issues.
  10. Yeah I did watch the game. He made a few errors but I think you are overdoing a bit here. He did a lot of decent stuff as well, including the run upfield before the goal.
  11. I’m watching the game now. I think his passing has improved. It’s quite funny to see him come infield and play decent passes, the stuff he got dropped for apparently not being capable of at Arsenal.
  12. The offside rule, as it is now. Does it honestly matter, if someone on the far touchline has half a foot in front of the last defender when putting a cross in? It shouldn’t matter anyway but I think you should have to be in the box to be offside.
  13. Hopefully this is his bad game and he’s saving the best for when he doesn’t have Shame Duffy and Ben Gibson not defending in front of him.
  14. Thanks, that’s really useful. Hopefully they are all on the beach now and nobody hurts anything!
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