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  1. You sure about that? No one on the board are pro junior?
  2. First of all don t think play offs are fair a team can finish more than 20 points less than another but still get promoted and the other doesn't it's a league not a cup it's played over a full season the team with the most points goes up! At the lower end between from tier 4 down it gets complicated as there's many different leagues playing for that one spot and I don t have a solution to how it can be played out. congratulations to stranraer I know a few boys from there and are big fans of the club ! Looking ahead to next season and beyond more established clubs like stranraer are going to find themselves in danger of falling out of tier 4 once the West teams get going with licences and like the others who already have and are finding it hard to get back up will probably find themselves falling further down the pyramid even further.
  3. What I was told Tony wasn't happy about next season's playing budget and things deteriorated between Tony and the club what happened in the last few days who knows I thought he would have got to the end of the season before stepping down.
  4. John mckeown has spent nearly 6 seasons building that shotts team . The buffs are hoping a bit of stability may be the best option rather than gamble on another manager ?
  5. Not every Friday night but it has been proven that Friday nights attract bigger crowds no matter what games who is playing on a Saturday. You know nothing about the people behind the scenes at club's who put their valuable time to keep their club's running through the season and to label them scumbags and mutants is totally out of order!
  6. These officials are thinking of their team no matter what team they support out with their local team some may not support any team other than the one they help run . Example of this is the league of Ireland their premier league played on a Saturday but their attendances were low because most football fans were at home or in the pub watching any game from the UK of their choice so in order to increase their attendances they moved their full match card to a Friday night to avoid it and most teams attendances tripled overnight. So why shouldn't we do the same?
  7. The question is nothing to do what you think of the club's or their fans when they play each other people will want to watch them and that has an impact on attendances .
  8. Whether you like it or not people can choose to watch who they want when they want why go against a match of this magnitude when the simple thing is move your own your never going to beat it.
  9. Why is it embarrassing ? It's common sense I'm surprised more club's are not moving to friday.
  10. Can't agree a league is always the biggest prize for any manager.
  11. How can winning the junior cup now in 2024 make him the most successful darvel manager ever ? Mick Kennedy is your most successful manager ever as it's harder to win the wosfl than a cup!
  12. We will soon find out if it's true or not ? Hopefully I am talking pish and making things up !
  13. As I've been told not to spoil the junior cup thread and move over here . Why does the pro junior West club's need to press gang the club's who wish not to enter the junior cup by putting a motion forward at the AGM to make it mandatory that every wosfl must play in the junior cup? What do they hope to achieve by this ? All it's going to do is cause unrest between club's and fans and all the good work the wosfl have done in its short history will quickly turn sour and we will end up back to where we were just before the old West region juniors folded a region full of infighting amongst club's which is not good for anyone going forward.
  14. I'm not trying to erase history great at the time talbot won it 3 in a row or any other time they won it the same goes for every club that's ever won it. The problem we have here is why does talbot and all the other West pro junior cup club's want to make it mandatory for all West region club's to play in the junior cup . According to you and plenty others on here it's so wonderful but you have to press gang other's in the hope it boosts its popularity?.
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