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  1. We will soon find out if it's true or not ? Hopefully I am talking pish and making things up !
  2. As I've been told not to spoil the junior cup thread and move over here . Why does the pro junior West club's need to press gang the club's who wish not to enter the junior cup by putting a motion forward at the AGM to make it mandatory that every wosfl must play in the junior cup? What do they hope to achieve by this ? All it's going to do is cause unrest between club's and fans and all the good work the wosfl have done in its short history will quickly turn sour and we will end up back to where we were just before the old West region juniors folded a region full of infighting amongst club's which is not good for anyone going forward.
  3. I'm not trying to erase history great at the time talbot won it 3 in a row or any other time they won it the same goes for every club that's ever won it. The problem we have here is why does talbot and all the other West pro junior cup club's want to make it mandatory for all West region club's to play in the junior cup . According to you and plenty others on here it's so wonderful but you have to press gang other's in the hope it boosts its popularity?.
  4. And there lies the problem ! It's 2024 not pre millennium most of us are trying to brace the new not sit around the coal fire telling our kids how it used to be and lying to them it's still wonderful winning the junior cup and it's live on the telly with a language no one speaks .
  5. The sjfa can't take control of the wosl even if 70 of the 80 clubs vote to go back under their control they would need to start up a new league with a new name and start from scratch just like the wosfl had to do and any assets or monies that were left from the West region juniors belonged to the sjfa? So if 70 clubs vote to leave the wosfl they leave with nothing and the 10 remaining clubs then continue as. The new sjfa West league would no longer be part of the pyramid.
  6. I've got to agree with you I don t think you could force teams to play in another associations cup as the wosfl operates in the pyramid system under the sfa so I think they would have a say if this was a rule and also they have licenced member clubs within the west. If Alex were to get voted in as chairman which he or any person has a right to be put forward I don t think this plan if true will be forceful. If the West club's voted to go back under the sjfa banner for the West leagues then in my opinion they would need to form a new breakaway league as the wosfl belongs to the sfa within the pyramid system and any new West league under the sjfa would not be recognised by the sfa therefore it would not be part of the pyramid.
  7. The plan he has is he has been going around pro_ junior cup club's get them to propose him for chairman and that's what's now happening then once he gets voted in as most of the West club's are pro_ junior cup and care more about that cup than the league they represent? Then gets the club's to vote that all club's in the West MUST play in the joonyur cup to boost its flagging numbers and finances because he cares about nothing else .As for Alex he is reading this now as his user name is obvious on here and on this thread.
  8. Old school sjfa back to their old tricks trying to boost their dwindling bank balance . An example of this was we went to a semi final at love street over 8 thousand fans club gets 5k sjfa pockets the rest. As for the sjfa and there big bank balance remember where all this money came from it was generated from every junior club that ever existed and a few of them no longer exist and what help did the glorious sjfa do for them to stay afloat zero but they took their membership fee each year from them, fined them for bookings ,paid them for reinstatement for players who weren't juniors and let's not forget all the club's who had to give them their cut from their gates where some small club's who only had £150 at best through the gate and if it's a team from the North you were having to give the over £300 from your £150 gate ! Fans from the bigger clubs clearly have no clue what's going on at the other end of the money train in order for them to get their big prize money at the end of the tournament remember where it came from!
  9. The attendance for each semi final won't be over 2000 at any of the games the biggest will be the home tie at beechwood a shadow of a crowd from the past .
  10. If the sjfa never had a big bank balance and didn't pay out the prize money that they do no one would care about the cup and it would just be history like all the other local cups we used to play for.
  11. I can agree with the first part the reason the wosfl was set up was to be part of the pyramid and all club's who joined the wosfl should be committed to the process of being promoted to the lowland league and beyond. Dont think the wosfl have anything to be embarrassed about beith are there on merit as they have been the most consistent team over the season. Going forward who knows what beith and other club's plans are for their sfa licence I'm sure they see the benefits of having one it takes time and money to achieve .
  12. You were asked about why no midweek games a few weeks ago for teams who have games in hand and we were told you wanted to give teams free midweek to prepare for cup games on a Saturday and now we find buffs and talbot have two midweek games before a semi final cup tie ? So what changed your mind there!
  13. And that's joonyur football in all its great glorious history and that's how it's no longer there As for the 19 points the Secretary who I trusted at the time signed him.
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