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  1. I would also book goalies when they make a save then throw themselves to ground for 15 seconds. Its bloody infuriating and Dabrowski was guilty of it on several straightforward saves tonight!
  2. Take that all day long after an horrific 1st half. We could easily have been out the tie by half time but fair play to Doolan for the subs. Neilson and to a lesser extent McInroy were awful and we only got going after they were removed. Funny how a goal changes a game. We suddenly looked full of running and Rovers looked leggy. Got to start the 11 that finished the game tonight. First goal at Starks will be crucial!
  3. Call the men with the white coats for Miller. Boyd, Lennon, McFadden and Sutton all agree stonewall red. Miller still saying never a red. Hopefully talking himself out of a job!!
  4. Surely that is the end of Miller's punditry career. Even with the benefit of countless replays and slow motion he is still frothing at the mouth about it. Absolute knob!!
  5. Thought Airdrie were the better side over the two games but Graham makes a huge difference at this level even at 36. Thought Muirhead and McBeth were terrific tonight while Neilson was atrocious. Not confident about beating Roath Ravers but its gonna be another close tie!!
  6. Really poor performance and a lot of our players looked shattered in the last 10 minutes. Wee right back was terrific for Airdrie and I would be looking at him as a possible replacement if McMillan leaves. We played for 20 minutes tonight so to go back to Firhill at even stevens is a result in itself but there is plenty of football to be played in this tie yet!!
  7. Sound turned off due that fecking non stop drumming and that idiot Miller going on like a budgie and having to make constant inane comments every time the commentator stops speaking!!
  8. Today means nothing as far as the play off's go but, in saying that, it was good to give you a proper doing!
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