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  1. Has anyone else noticed how poor (by his own standards) McMaster has been recently? It seems like he’s really struggling with the physicality at times but impressing technically other times. He also seems to get a really easy ride of it when he is poor where as others like Telfer etc get it stinking when they don’t hit at least 8/10. I think we could manage his game time a bit better which would be easier if we had Aiken fit.
  2. Shite comments on some horrible behaviour. Take a look at the club and a wider support before coming on here to run your mouth.
  3. Is it not about time there was some sort of FFP introduced? This lot are really taking the piss now. The chicken man and his washed money really shouldn’t be welcomed to the leagues until there’s some sort of regulation in place.
  4. There’s definitely something happening in regards to honouring the 1924 and also in regards to the history of the club being visible around the stadium (I think) too.
  5. Mainly wee guys and folk that require the instructions for shampoo, may I add
  6. Blinder by the groundsman I reckon. it’s no rained for a week. FairPlay.
  7. Looked like big Hancock had the tosser on strings
  8. Absolutely this, I think the last 2 wins (as good and as welcome as they are) have got the juices flowing again and some folks eyes have come off the road. We can compete in this league as it is but it’s no use just competing because it’s that tight it may well come down to the bounce of the ball. In our next 3 league games we should be targeting minimum 5 point's, along with a couple of really solid signings that’ll stand us in good stead to maintain our championship status for next season.
  9. I'd rather we were a sustainable championship side to be honest and the only way to achieve that (realistically) for us is to use the loan market. Whilst it would be nice to promote our own players from reserves/youth teams it seems they just aren't up to it at that level let alone first team championship.
  10. That's a massive result today and it's so important that we build on it. Big month coming up for us which I think makes or breaks the season.
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