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  1. One of them obviously hiding his excitement at wearing it.
  2. No question its a mainly a generational thing, but I sometimes think the clubs are losing out on customers who can't, or decide not to, use t' internet to do business. OK selling on line tickets up to kick-off but should always be a facility for just turning up with legal tender and getting in.
  3. Can anyone remember when going to a football match was a simple, straight forward thing?
  4. Well annan4eva is the very person to know about talking drivel.
  5. I don't mind standing, in fact prefer it, as long as it's covered if the weather's bad.
  6. What's East Kilbride's ground like spectator wise, plenty of cover, plenty of seating? I dinnae really mind the standing but dinnae fancy travelling up on Tuesday if it's wet and I've got to stand out in the open, the old bones couldnae take it.
  7. What is this satnav you speak off? I've got AA Road Atlases but there's been motorways built since I bought it.
  8. Very helpful advice for the rest of us, thanks for that.
  9. Pretty sure Brydon was involved in the warm up last night so maybe nearing a return (as in maybe 2 or 3 weeks away yet). Doubt we'd need another cb if that's the case.
  10. Difficult to make a fair judgement in Stewarts case as he's been written off by fans already. Despite his performances with previous Clubs I don't think he's done too badly in the games so far. He got a bit of stick for a couple of Aberdeen's goals, not saying he was completely blameless but I thought criticism was a bit harsh. Having said that if I watch the goals again I might reconsider my view.
  11. Jay Hogarth, difficult to judge on tonight's show, as you say, he wasn't sorely tested.
  12. If this is supposed to be a better indication of the season ahead then it's going to be a long season. We're in front but feck me it's dire.
  13. The fans of some Clubs, QoS included, have a tidy up day or two where volunteers can go along to the Stadium and do a bit of minor maintenance and give the place a bit of a spruce up, weeding, painting etc, nothing major, could Dumbarton fans not arrange something similar?
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