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  1. According to Radio Scotland both our game and the ICT game are in the Championship. Oh they've just corrected themselves after five minutes
  2. New signings Chalrie and Fryden on the bench, where were the Imminents for them?
  3. There was a pumping, but it was by QOS to us. However it all worked out ok as we're now good and they're pure pish.
  4. Amy Irons presenting the programme. Chances are she'll remember what the score is at HT.
  5. To be fair during the time of that Partick game the squad was riddled with a virus. Ecrepont certainly looked like a player who lacked energy.
  6. I didn't realise it was on BBC, not Viaplay which makes it even worse.
  7. Having seen Arbroath FC's efforts and their fans in getting their game on l wish them every success in getting to 8th place or higher.
  8. The temps are looking above freezing for Aberdeen but the wind chill factor will probably keep it frozen by 8am tomorrow. The weather has been quite dastardly this Winter. Morton was an unexpected frosty one before subsequent days of mild weather, last Sunday was perfect for football after Saturday's hurricane and this Sunday in Aberdeen is looking decent too. Best we win the league to make up for it.
  9. Aye I think fans sometimes forget the biggest development to the ground since perhaps when floodlights were first installed decades ago is happening next season. Hospitality income will be wiped out (I think?) and the capacity of the ground will take a huge hit so no potentially big cup games either. It's hugely exciting but we have to be realistic re player signings.
  10. If we're hoping to attract decent players into the club then Logan's parting words in the article below won't do any harm. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/logan-chalmers-thanks-ayr-giving-28956993
  11. We were in hospitality yesterday and Ben Dempsey said the ref gave him a final chance to take the penalty. Would have been a sore one to have abandoned the game at that point.
  12. Weather warning for rain and wind just been issued for 2pm onwards, lovely.
  13. I agree but I think stewarding costs are a reason for not opening it.
  14. We've got Graeme Mathie and his angry pitchfork so I'm confident. Did the trick last Saturday!
  15. Ayr v Morton on Feb 15th 2020, due to rain. it was absolutely soaking that morning to be fair. Easily forgotten given what happened the following month!
  16. Here he is recently against Barrow (1:35 in). Clinical.
  17. Initially I found it funny then quickly felt sympathy for their plight. Took me back to the last days of the Mark Roberts era.
  18. I'm sure one of the things that attracted Logan to Ayr was the atmosphere inside Somerset after watching us on TV. Having been there the atmosphere at Forest Green is absolutely dire, and I went when they were doing quite well. Like a vegan Cove with an extra 1000 fans.
  19. First half wasn't great but plenty happening in the second, entertaining overall.
  20. After making a tit of myself suggesting the Pollok game would be foggy my New Year resolution is to refrain commenting on here about potential matchday weather.
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