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  1. First half wasn't great but plenty happening in the second, entertaining overall.
  2. After making a tit of myself suggesting the Pollok game would be foggy my New Year resolution is to refrain commenting on here about potential matchday weather.
  3. Last time Hamilton scored in the league was against....take a guess....
  4. Yep, and it could even later than that if we win two Scottish Cup games.
  5. Tomorrow is also our last 3pm league awayday till at least March 11th.
  6. Probably the same shower of clowns that scheduled Challenge cup games on the weekend of December 10th.
  7. A poorly Lee Bullen looked absolutely drained in his post match interview. I don't want to make excuses but everyone knows how viruses suck all the energy from the body during and well after the recovery process. I had it myself recently and felt like death going for a wee cycle on Thursday. I'd take a point against Morton and hopefully the squad is back fully fit minus the long term injuries for the two home games.
  8. 11 minutes of highlights up on the official site but no footage of either sending off!
  9. Was Mullin ill? Not too despondent about the last two games if a virus has ripped through the squad. Just a pity it happened during a particularly tough sequence of games.
  10. Personally I'm gutted. His post defeat interviews were top notch entertainment.
  11. This popped up, no doubt because I had sat through the Somerset Boab video. Not seen this before but some of the drone footage of the old girl is fantastic. Apologies if its been shared before.
  12. How is this particular spell of cold weather "unprecedented"??
  13. Just seen the draw for the diddy Cup and they appear to have changed the dates, ties now being played Jan 10/11. So the Hamilton league game should be fine. I put the original diddy cup dates in my phone to watch for potential league game changes. So either the website had the original dates wrong or someone has seen sense to change these games to midweek.
  14. No - I assume the clubs will have to agree a new date shortly. I wouldn't be surprised if its the following Tuesday night after the original date.
  15. That's our home game against Hamilton off on Jan 7th thanks to yesterday's result. If Queens Park win their next tie it would also move the away game in February to midweek too. Absolute joke.
  16. When I was about 9 or 10 my old man took me to Somerset Park one weekend then to Ayr Rugby Club the next, both within walking distance of the house. I quickly figured it out, told the old man I'd be going to the football on my own quite soon thereafter. My older brother's brain unfortunately never properly developed so he follows the rugby to this day and still has the unfunny rugby "bantz" to prove it.
  17. Is the Celtic game much of a cash cow these days? Every time I've seen a domestic cup game on TV there the number of empty seats is ridiculous.
  18. I remember getting out the Ayr flag I had with me on that ferry for some pictures and the staff going nuts at us because they thought it was going to be a Rangers/Celtic sectarian effort. Must be some laugh on these ferries when the Old Firm are playing.
  19. If Hamilton beat Inverness on Saturday then our home game on January 7th gets shunted to midweek.
  20. It was although perhaps could have had more jam in it. A tad pricey at £1.80 (I think) but all for a good cause. A perfect companion for a coffee.
  21. Tasty club badge decorated empire biscuits now on sale in the ground. Honestly this season keeps defying all expectations.
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