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  1. Fog forecast for tomorrow night
  2. For a Monday night live on TV that is a superb effort.
  3. Nothing like a record breaking skelping in Europe to drum up customers for a new Ranjurz shop. I was out walking in Tarbert this afternoon and bumped into a well known Sevco fan. We were talking about his English team (Swindon Town) which is definitely true as he has the tattoos to prove it, but rather mysteriously he now claims his "big team" is Leeds United. Reminds me of 2012 when all the local lads suddenly started wearing Arsenal, Man United and Liverpool tops for a few years and the pub bantz was strictly limited to the EPL. Can't think why.
  4. Back home seeing the old dear and despite not normally watching football on TV she told me she stumbled upon then watched the whole of Friday's game and reckoned Lee Bullen is a "very nice man". Mums knows best
  5. No - I'd much rather have a decent away support: ScotRail services to be slashed despite RMT strike cancellation - BBC News
  6. Unfortunately its apparently too late to bring back services on Saturday so there are no trains tomorrow down to Ayr.
  7. Arbroath lads in the pub after the game buying us jagerbombs and having a right carry on with us, superb. There's definitely a mutual respect based on what you did trying to catch Killie last season and what we are doing recently.
  8. Just gave the team bus a leaving cheer with our flag outside Tutties, become a tradition over the years. Looks like LB enjoyed it
  9. Cheers, was just hoping I could queue while watching the game.
  10. I'm not so sure - with the world cup on some locals might want to see a good cup tie to make up for the lack of club football. They appeared to get a decent crowd for their own tie in the last round.
  11. Ayr v Pollok might be a potential TV selection? Especially after tonight.
  12. Hopefully its Pollok. Not sure of their crowd sizes but I'd expect a decent away support on a day out aka a bender. As funny as it is seeing the likes of Falkirk and Dunfermline in League One it feels like we're in that league this season given the pitiful away followings.
  13. McAllister has an ankle injury according to the Ayrshire Post, although doesn't sound like it is serious.
  14. On my way to the toilet just after the first goal I was chased through the concourse by two young stewards, one male, one female who said that CCTV had identified me as vaping in the stand, although after I gave them a "WTF" stare they hastily admitted that it might be a case of mistaken identity. I did explain to them I wouldn't have had the foggiest idea how to vape. They replied that if I wasn't the guilty party then I should report any spectators near me if I saw them vaping when returning to the stand
  15. Yes you're three points off the top and the top half is very tight yet some on here claim things may get "poisonous" or "toxic" if you go behind. Some support.
  16. I was talking during the game on Saturday about the last time we had scored five in the league at this level and couldn't for the life of me remember. It took P&B to remind me I was at that Tannadice game and I'd watched it completely sober. Getting old sucks!
  17. If the club want to persuade more people to attend matches then having a decent highlights package on Youtube to show them what they're missing is absolutely vital.
  18. All those seasons where we've been diabolical and you have been there every week covering what little highlights there were, but now that we appear to be having our best season in years your services are no longer required?? I'm not getting that at all. Especially given the club are trying to reach out to as many people as possible within the community.
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