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  1. as a Falkirk fan I actually quite like the sh*thousery behind it. Adds a bit to all the fun and games in the two horse race.. I got a laugh out of it and I'm sure so did the players. However I would be absolutely mortified if we did had done it. I'd also be wary about what your players feel about it..if they've been told its some mind games carry on then maybe fair enough, but if not, if I was a player I'd be wondering where I stood.
  2. be careful out there.... https://x.com/DavieBroon37077/status/1745109996545638679?s=20
  3. The Crystal Teardrop - 1960s sounding psychedelia
  4. Don't think I've seen them mentioned but one of my faves are The Poets..great mod/freakbeat 60s sound... 'That's the Way its Gotta Be' is a phenomenal tune. Other bands worth a mention although maybe not the greatest which I understand is the subject of the thread. Whiteout - Got their debut album recently and its surprisingly good and a lot more mature sound than the 'Britpop' tag they got at the time. The Aliens - Not sure how many were Scottish but Gordon Anderson is a fifer. Couple of great albums. My latest Novel - The Scottish Arcade Fire. Debut album is ace. Helicon - Psychedelic heaviness...album that came out this year is tremendous.
  5. I saw the FSS message re the Paypal thing. I had no idea Paypal took so much - £4K per year! -to be fair I'm a bit ignorant on this sort of stuff so well done to FSS for highlighting it) - so I've changed to Standing Order. Also decided to double my monthly donation - I'm down South so don't get to games that much so least I can do.
  6. Personally had no issues with Williamson prior to the game. Wasn't on here much last week so cant say if others did. Maybe frustrating to some that as we are skint and someone taking a wage last season but being injured all the time - personally doesn't bother me and these things happen in the game -I'm sure it couldn't be helped. However from his antics during the game he deserves a bit of stick. I don't generally boo ex players unless they do something to warrant it - which he clearly did. In saying that he's the one who ended up looking like a fanny so again personally I've got no long lasting issues and certainly don't have any hatred of him. Think most of the posts on here have just been GIRFUY which surely is justified and certainly not "bizarre".
  7. Well, you clearly don't understand the wild concept of fans wanting to talk about the fact an ex player, who under performed at yer club, comes back and gives the home fans the 'GIRFUY' after going 1-0 up after 47 minutes. Then spends the rest of the game timewasting only for his side to be beaten by an injury time goal possibly due to said timewasting.....yeah really "bizarre".
  8. I was talking about this exact thing at weekend. Some of those young lads if coached football from a young age probably didn't bother too much with school - you then have a fairly average career and even though some of the wages are higher than most folk in their 20s you would imagine most of them don't budget and plan for future...then potentially in your mid 30s you are without a club and looking for a new career. Some probably get good advice (for example my old man knows Charlie Telfers dad and I believe Charlie is studying Law at Uni part time for when he finishes) A friend of mine had something similar in the music industry. We was in a moderately successful indie band. They weren't massive but he made enough money in his 20s and didn't really have anything else to fall back on. He hit his mid 30s, band split up, not a lot of royalties coming in and realised he needed to do something completely different to pay his rent. Many of his mates who had got 'normal' jobs in their 20s all owned houses(some on their 2nd or 3rd) whilst he was struggling to pay his rent. Something you don't hear too much about.
  9. another one for Dundee, think Arab Strap also had a tune about the Barmaids of Dundee?
  10. I've assumed this one is about the place in Fife He also references the Craigtoun Pond in this one:
  11. Inverness gets a wee mention in the lyrics to this song about going to Away football games: and even Clydebank getting in the title of this one:
  12. Was chatting to my mate about about the use of 'Falkirk High Station' in the Malcolm Middleton song 'Loneliness Shines'. Must be hundreds of examples of others...I know First Big Weekend by Arab Strap mentions The Arches, theres Sunshine on Leith of course... also another Malcolm Middleton tune mentions P&B fave Motorway M9... Excellent band De Rosa with Cathkin Braes Any other suggestions?
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