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  1. No plan B. Lots of poor performances from us - Hendo, Miller, Spencer, Yeats and Lang had a off night. MacIver has been way off it for weeks - offered zero again tonight. Need much better up front. Forget it about it regroup and get back ready for Hamilton.
  2. Excellent second half performance. Couple of small scares but other than that very good all round. Spencer Lang and Hendo my picks. Cal and Miller flashes of brilliance. I'd be tempted to start Shanley on Sat. MacIver could do with a rest and not a lot went right for him today but he still worked his socks off as usual.
  3. Any recommendations for pre match pub with decent beer that allows kids in? Don't usually have a pint before Alloa games but got some time this week. Thanks.
  4. MacIver conversion rate is not great. His work rate is very good but he needs to score more and takes about 1 of 4 good chances.
  5. A good win despite a fairly poor 2nd half performance. Ive been critical of McIver on here recently (probably unfairly) but even though I didnt think he was outstanding today he took his goal really well and his hustling and never say die attitude created the second. Morrison and Alfie had real off days today and our midfield fell out of it second half. The defence held it together well but I dont think Hogarth looked as comfortable as Long in goals. But focus on the positives - Top of the league feels amazing and cracking into the beers.
  6. Draw a fair result. We have to do better than MacIver up front if we want to get promoted. He was horrendous. Jordan Allan should have been on with 30 to go. Better point for Hamilton. Never got Morrison into the game.
  7. Caught up with The Scotts from the Burniston boys. What a complete waste of their talent. Unwatchable unfunny and incredibly badly acted.
  8. Tough game and great win. I'm not convinced by Wright. Burrell and Allan on in front of him in my book. Good physically but he doesn't look as dangerous as the other 2 options.
  9. Morrison was horrendous tonight. Kicking, command of box, both goals. He had a shocker. If he plays like that vs Pars he will concede 5.
  10. Another eye bleeding performance. They did seem to try at least in the first half but the lack of quality is just mind blowing. Not wasting 1 more minute on these wage thieves this season - my only positive for today is hopefully I will never see some of these players ever again. On the squad on the pitch, we simply cannot continue with these charlatans next season - keeping even a handful of them will consign us to a relegation battle next season - worst team of my lifetime. Mutch - chucking in a goal a week at least. Nowhere near good or strong enough - there is no way anyone is interested in him (re Falkirk TV comment) - BIN Williamson - so weak in the air its frightening. The fact he doesnt go up for corners as our biggest player says it all. A weakling - BIN Miller - I feel sorry for him. M&M gave him a 2 year deal when he was already beyond finished. Gladly never see him in a Falkirk strip ever again - BIN Dixon - a player I have liked but his legs are gone - BIN ATS - Not up to it - jogged around a lot today - not the player we thought we were getting - BIN Telfer - Undeniably talented but has been as bad as the rest of them recently - too small and weak and easily brushed off ball - KEEP as a squad player Hetherington - Actually the first game I didnt hate him - wasnt great but effort was there - still not good enough - BIN Jacobs - Another player who looks done - BIN McGuffie - out of position - player in there somewhere but dont see it enough - but would keep as a squad player - KEEP Morrison - has done nothing since he returned from injury. I rate him but what has he given us this season - if we can get money for him Id take it - if not KEEP Griffiths - gamble hasnt paid off. Delivery still good but nowhere near fit - BIN Nesbitt - started well but has tailed off at a frightening level - BIN Kabia - has something but dont see enough of it - BIN Malcolm - obviously cant judge him yet - KEEP Holt - not going to waste my time on him - BIN Wilson - just a shocking signing - to send Dowds away for this diddy is ridiculous - hopefully never gets another minute but 1 more year is a nightmare - BIN Ross - waste of a wage - too small, too weak and not given much this season - BIN McCann - thought he was going to be a fantastic signing - but we seem to have stripped away his attacking flair and are left with a tiny weak left back - would still KEEP - another manager might get something out of him Lemon - Sorry has looked out of his depth - BIN Off the rest of them, Id probably only keep Dowds and Watson. What a position to be in. We will be fighting relegation next season if we cant torpedo most of these appalling players. I am just delighted I wont have another Saturday ruined until at least July.....
  11. Atrocious from every Falkirk player. Not one of these players care a jot. Airdrie were everything we were not - focussed, passionate, well drilled and determined. 7 shots to 19 - we played like we were up against the old firm - meek, scared and utterly gutless. I detest these shocking lacklustre players. Mutch was flaky and poor. The defence was just shocking. McKay is probably in our top 10 of worst ever players. McCann was disgustingly bad, Watson awful. Williamson is such an annoying player - when he tries, he can take players on and he pinged a lovely assist to Grifftihs. Then 10 mins later his half-arsed attempts gifted them a 4th goal. Then you get to the midfield. Absolutely incredible that Rennie played Mills there for 90 mins. Nothing against Mills, he tried but he is not a CDM in a hundred years, Telfer was lightweight garbage. Nesbitt was our worst player - everything he did, he did badly. McGuffie was another ineffective weakling. Then up front - Kabia was awful. Griffiths took his goal well and his deliveries were very good, but he still looks badly unfit. The subs were hopeless. Hetherington is one my all time least favourite players - pub player so badly out of his depth. Ross is another weakling shitebag. Morrison did nothing. Rennie was anonymous all game. Why no subs were warming up when we were 1 and 2 nil down is just incredible and his shape, formation and lack of structure was an absolute embarrassment. Yet another hopeless appointment, He has to go when his contract is up - worse than Sheerin if that is possible.
  12. That was absolutely horrific - useless, lazy, inept shitbags from back to front - except Mutch and Dowds. Peterhead deserved to win by 2 or 3 goals - they had pace, energy and strenghth which we are embarrassingly short of. I absolutely hate this team and manager with almost no exceptions - they have the potential to kill this club stone dead if the fans end up caring as little as the players and the coaches clearly do.... Mutch 7/10 - Better than Martin. Some good saves and kept us in it but still had a couple of bombscare moments that make me think he isnt long term answer Williamson - 2/10 - Weak as piss tonight. Usually not bad going forward but clearly terrified of another injury Mills - 5/10 - Young lad, tried hard but thrown in at deep end. Probably better than the rest of the experienced back 4... Watson 3/10 - Thought he done OK first half but was so poor in the second - no leadership or characters in this team, him included Dixon - 3/10 - I have liked Dixon over last couple of years but his time is up - injury not helped him but time to cut loose McGuffie - 3/10 - Such a lightweight. Capable of a good pass but played out of position and just too weak and played some shocking passes Telfer - 3/10 - Another player i like but is being wasted - too slow and lightweight tonight and was 2nd best to most challenges Miller 2/10 - Just a waste of time. All the Peterhead players just glided past him - he is so slow and limited and just does nothing. He was absolutely on his last legs in 2020 - to start for us in 2022 is absolutely beyond belief. i honestly dont think he would start for any team in League 2 or the Lowland League - he is that bad. Nesbitt - 2/10 - Thought he was horrific and has been for about 4 months. Cant do anything - cant pass, beat a man, tackle, score or assist - whats the point - a shadow of the player we saw in August. Another year of him doing nothing - or we pay up his contract and he no doubt rekindles his form at Kelty next season.... Kabia - 6/10 - Some nice touches - our only player who didnt look like a slow part timer. Hope the injury is not too bad Dowds - 7/10 - Took his goal well and carried team for 1st 60 mins. Tired after that - but you cant take him off as the options on the bench (Wilson, Ross, Hetherington) are absolutely disgustingly bad. Griffiths - 3/10 - Started brightly but looked seriously unfit and uninterested for last 20 minutes ATS - 3/10 - Any initial optimism about him has gone - he is another McKay/Lemon/Hall.... Jacobs - 4/10 - Had to start over Miller. The fact Miller played 90 minutes is a sackable offence for me. Not great but tried a bit more than the rest Lemon - 4/10 - Feel sorry for him - not signed for first team - Holt promoted above his level. Watson was injured so not his fault he was brought on - but Rennie HAD to try something different other than bringing him on Rennie - 1/10 - Utterly honking - every single decision and tactic today was worse than anything Sheerin, Miller, McKinnon or Hartley have done in memory - we are the worst now we have ever been and its 100% his fault. Every fan in the stadium can see he doesnt have the players to play his system. Staggering he is persisting and cant see him gettin another UK management job unless he starts again on Saturday.
  13. Well within his rights to still be raging at a club that rated Jaime Wilson above him. He will take time to settle back in - but I couldnt really give a shite if he wants to be here or not if he scores 3 goals a game.
  14. Much better all round. Dowds very good and Williamson played well - new boy at back looks much better than what we have. Chucked away 2 poor goals but it's nice not to be raging on a Saturday night for once. To get out of this division though, we need better than Martin, Hall. Miller McKay and McGuffie for the starting 11. One step forward though
  15. McDaid has been an absolute disaster at Falkirk. Possibly the worst player in the worst Falkirk team of all time. Some of his performances have been pathetic - hasnt tried a leg. One for you guys to punt permanently - doubt he would get a L2 club at the moment.
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