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  1. Quite a lot of the time in the January window it is loanees from the Premier as you stated, a lot of these players will be out of our range wage wise, crazy but true.. more than likely it will be players that are not getting a game and want a fresh start that will nbe available, The club and directors know we have got one shot at getting this right, The prize money and gate money in this League is night and day compared to League 1, so hopefully established players get signed for the run in, it will be touch and go whatever happens... Talking of finances it makes the decision to go with a reserve team this season, very strange, no doubt if things go Pete tong, that will get scrapped at season end anyway, maybe in hindsight that could have happened when or if we became a more established championship club ..
  2. What a lot of hypocritical pish, it is ok for you to criticise Telfer and still be far from convinced, but it's not acceptable for anybody else to criticise McMaster. ... Spare me he is only a young lad that needs supported drivel..
  3. Agree far too much was looked into the early season League Cup tournament which appeared to paper over the cracks.. All your points are totally relevant and true....
  4. First time at Somerset on a while, pretty impressive structure going up, what's the plan, 6 rows of seats and increased hospitality, pretty high roof, don't think that will keep the rain off the north terracing.... Hopefully be finished for next time we visit..
  5. Agree with most of this, just listened to the Post match interviews Gallagher spoke well and you can relate to what he was saying and feeling, McCabe comes on and was his usual wishy washy pish ... The whole signing structure and reserve team should be questioned.... There are a lot of moving parts , how much clout does Consilium have , Dunlop and Gavin Gall now signed up as well , as the numerous others, it seems to be a prequisite when players sign for the club now, is Rhys feathering his own nest to the detriment of the team.....
  6. It's a game of inches Frizzell hits the bar with a cracking drive ( looked like it) a minute later goal down, another unmarked player from a corner, remember Partick identical... We had chances but I will be honest we lacked commitment when it mattered, Ayr defenders were willing to go in where it hurts to clear the wall in front of our players, McStravick is a waste of a jersey, he does nothing and is knowhere near ready, Hancock has the ability to play wingback, which means we could maybe play 2 up, McCabe was moaning at Todorov at the end , he was on for 10 minutes max, give the guy a fair chance FFS... Let's not sugarcoat this, we will probably be bottom by new year, we need a new approach, with more commitment we could easily have got something out of the Partick, Dunfermline and today's game
  7. Just about to buy tickets, Airdrie fans have got main stand section and railway end for this game, do Ayr still use the paddock at the front of the stand, remember standing there a few years back, don't expect any more than 250 making the trip for this one.
  8. Are you trying to say he has taken Airdrie as far as he can, 5th place in the Championship. That is probably the clubs ceiling so Yes is the answer to your question..
  9. Big game on Saturday Somerset Park used to be one of the old favourites, hopefully we take a decent following .. Hopefully Rhys doesn't overthink things, which their is a danger he will, we have a League 1 team in the championship beginning to get found out (fair comment) we are putting out pretty forward thinking formations, but these formations are possibly outweighing the abilities of the players... We need a to find a middle ground, for me at Ayr we need a front two, Toddy up top and Gal dropping off, with hopefully Frizz in an attacking role with Telfer and McCqbe around him ( injuries permitting). We chop and change our front players really after every game, we need to give them a run , they won't score on every game no striker does, a one on Three ratio is decent, you don't get that by playing one week and then ride the pine the next.... We need to find a spark again from somewhere.....
  10. Good assessment, we are in danger of being overcoached , players playing dot to dot football just an AI version of FIFA, McMaster and Gallagher look decent enough but didn't really do anything to hurt the opposition not good enough, how did Dunfermline run through our midfield at will all first half ... ATS is a great big player with his major flaw being his inability to turn, we saw that when Frizz skinned him on the touchline playing against Falkirk (where has that Frizzell gone that's another debate). Rhys must know this and not give him any full back cover was crazy , wouldn't blame him for the second goal Fordyce got caught up the park and his glaring lack of pace showed as well, Rhys McCabe must play, he would probably be first name on the team sheet for majority of teams in this league, maybe Rhys doesn't feel he can play the system he wants to play, weirdly enough
  11. Unfortunately I think Rhys will be in the mix, it appears that his playing career is slowly coming to an end, still a top player at this level as well, We miss him badly, that aside.. Ambitious manager, modern training centre, a club with the same philosophy football wise as he wants to play, not to mention higher wages and far bigger budget.... It would be a tough choice.....
  12. Can you see McPake being tempted again, if Livi and Motherwell empty their managers which looks pretty likely in the near future
  13. Any word on why Telfer was missing, he wasn't on the injury report on Thursday night
  14. Agree, although the way Rhys is trying to play his fullbacks now, I don't think suits Ballantyne either, playing them so high , don't know why we are changing when it was working previously to an extent
  15. I think the newest pitch recently is Falkirk, then Airdrie ours was installed by a company called Greenfield I think, and is commonly regarded as top notch for 3g, watching the games last night with the wear and tear on them plus undersool heating wrecking them, I look forward to mud heaps in Feb and march, if this is what the SPL want fair enough, I guarantee if and when Dundee United go up and Livi come down, the drawbridge will get pulled up for grass and undersoil heating only , scuppering hopes of a number of clubs trying to get into the elite club.
  16. Interesting discussion all round, all strikers are around the one goal to every 3 games ratio, which is decent and gets players 15 goals or so a season, decent haul, The problem is it's really Gall or bust this season, McGill is hopelessly out his depth(fair description I would say) Todorov is a proven striker at this level again probably a one in three ratio for goals, but our system suits one striker, the elephant in the room is the midfield / wide players, Frizzell, Telfer (good season), McMaster,Aiken, McCabe, McGregor and Magic, only McGregor has consistently contributed goal wise, and he is still to fully convince, out of that combination of players you would expect 25 goals minimum a season, because of the deficiency the flak ends up at the feet of Gallagher, can it be resolved for second half of the season Yes and No, it fully depends if McCabe wants to play, arguably one of the best players in the league IMO, or a system change like we had against Rangers B, which was great too watch, good attacking football, but we were hopelessly exposed due to it, and the game was far too open for McCabes liking.. we need points and goals consistently otherwise we will struggle, 8th place must still be the only realistic target.
  17. Another lad I have heard good reports of is Spalding developing really well apparently, Centre Mid been on the bench recently, has anybody seen him play this season..
  18. I think the strikers are decent enough, Todorov was probably the best available on our budget, Many talk about we need better strikers, where are they, there are very few, look at the scoring charts it's the same names year in year out in all leagues, the issue we have and it could be our downfall is lack of goals from midfield, Has Frizzell, McMaster, Telfer, Aiken scored this season, if your strikers aren't firing then these guys need to step up, it's not happening, The possession based football is very good, we might have to sacrifice some of that because of the lack of end product, We don't want hard luck stories later in the season, but teams that dont score goals only go one way,
  19. It's different if there is trouble in the confines or the stadium or area owned by the club, Airdrie are responsible for example any issues trouble wise like cove a couple of years back because it was in their property so to speak.. The streets around Maryhill are fair game, the old bill didn't help much to disperse home fans with a baying mob. (I know FFS it's too much) waiting for the Airdrie fans outside the ground and on Garscube rd, It was snowballs at 20 paces right enough.. Hopefull our SLO can get all over this... Had some good post match banter with some luvvies post match in the bakehouse and Cooper's, The world is truly going mad...
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