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  1. Could be more but Gals goal in the last home televised game against QP was a great finish outside the box I am sure
  2. Queens Park are a different outfit under a decent manager, a talented side indeed, with probably a better upside than Airdrie, Danny Wilson looked a class act at the back and won every header, that type of quality doesn't come cheap though, a draw was probably a fair result over the 90 minutes. I am sure it was an Arbroath fan that said last close season, that every game in this league feels like a big game, and not a truer word spoken... Is Savoury back soon or is he just planning for the new season..
  3. The games are coming thick and fast, Queens Park played well and could feel a little unfortunate not to away with 3 points, good game though and we fought our corner, giving free goals away is simply not good enough at this level, and when you struggle to score , you are just shooting your toes off.. Onto the team, the entire left side and midfield was a struggle , Cammy is struggling, was he brought back too quick from injury, he just lacks the snap he normally has, McStravick is an enigma, he has talent but struggles when to use it, he offers nothing defensively and with Cammy struggling behind him, it was a problem.. Frizzell I have been saying for months has hit his ceiling, the championship is a step too far pace wise and looking at his body language he knows it, when we shuffled the pack second half he played better in a wider role and put in many a decent cross though, maybe try him on that position.... It looks like Rhys McCabe is managing his load, but we miss him badly in the middle of the park when missing. , McMaster has potential but was well off it today again just like at Morton... Today was a must not lose, and we have to be happy enough with a point.
  4. It's a difficult one, Gall is a modern day streaky goalscorer , he still has it, style of play this season doesn't really suit any of our strikers and it has showed, he will get more goals eventually it's just how gall is, he was the same in League 1, As we know all strikers have roughly a 1 in 3 strike rate Gall basically falls into that category.. but the problem when you go up a league your number of chances per game reduces and therefore productivity drops.. For example. Oakley last week first chance goal, he missed 2 after that, still a 1 in 3 statistic , can Gall take that first opportunity maybe even a half chance, not convinced he might score his 3rd attempt, still 1 in 3 ratio get my drift, it's the ruthlessness of the striker look back recently to goals conceded Shankland, Dowds, Adeloye, Paton all first attempts hit the net all teams in this league struggle if they don't score the opening goal , I read the stat is 78 percent of teams who scored first do not lose the game in this league, that is where we lack a quality championship striker... Do we cut him and Gabby loose at the end of the season, who knows, but we need more goals from somewhere...
  5. What can you say, team were rightly criticised on Saturday, but the drum the club was beating afterwards another game just round the corner to even things came true, and it's all down to the players and a very brave player manager Rhys McCabe I don't many would have picked that line up, very brave indeed, and as they say fortune favours the brave... This is a crazy league.QP rode Arbroath 6 nil going on an easy double figures apparently, Ayr seeing off Thistle in a shoot out, Morton stopping Raith going top and ICT and Dunfermline having a predictable draw.. I have been trying to work out different permutations of teams historically finishing 8th and 9th,, due to a lack of clear leaders it's nip and tuck at the top, with plenty points being dropped, what do we think the points will end up, This season I think 9th will be around 43 this year, which is unusually high, Time will tell. One thing I do know this Championship is a helluva league..
  6. It's all about opinions, everybody sees the game differently, but we all want the same goal 8th or better... Just going over a couple of points Watson and Fordyce , with Megwa and Hancock either side coincided with our upturn on form, Saturday we shoehorned Megwa in and pushed Cammy in one, it didn't work and I don't actually see why we tried it, it showed how exposed we were in forward areas , What do you think about Lyall replacing Frizzell who has been subbed off the last couple of games, Lyall played the same role as Frizzell at Rangers, we need a spark from somewhere,
  7. We have to play players that fit the way Rhys wants to play, we will lose goals if we play Cammy or Megwa and even Hancock at CB, Cammy and Megwa are too small and Hancock cannot defend, although Hancock is probably our best option off the left, why on earth would you want to play him CB.. Watson, Fordyce is our best CB partnership and that has been proven over the season, question.. would Oakley have been able to bully Watson the way he did with Fordyce, I don't think so.... And while we are at it, the midfield was a complete mess. McMasters lack of commitment was glaring and just wanted to play square passes to players.who were marked or getting closed down, Frizzell offered nothing again, as the skipper he should be leading by example but his legs are gone for this level, Telfer was our best player covered every blade of grass trying to make play, he failed but is that due to him or the reluctance of his team mates, Lyall who I like, was supposed to play on the hole behind Todorov that hole was a 40 yard area because we were playing so deep,. impossible to be effective that far apart and we criticise Todorov but like Lyall what exactly do we want him to do he had scraps at best to work with... The striking options that came on Gall, Gabby and O Connor that has a League 1 strike force written all over it, that says enough....
  8. Thank you, it is quite confusing, are emergency 7 day loans only available for keepers
  9. Have we used up all our loanee quota... Aiken, O Connor, Lyall, Megwa, Donnell are all on loan.. is 5 not the max at any one time ....
  10. Morton are on good form and confidence is clearly high, I felt the Airdrie set up suited Morton we played so slowly and negatively in the first half and Morton to be fair won the battles and Oakley bossed our defence (all game to be fair) good header and move for the first, but Airdries lack of commitment was clearly evident in that early spell, we just couldn't get going with Todorov hopelessly exposed up top , we hung in the game after that and used up our full quota of subs for once, we didnt really play any better just more direct with Morton sitting back defending a 2 goal lead .. we could have snatched a point late on, but to. be honest we deserved nothing, and since the hype of the cup ties we haven't kicked our own arse, we need to pick up points from somewhere soon or we will be in big trouble... A lot are moaning about the niggly fouls , off the ball stuff, to me that is Championship football and at this stage of the season you have to mix it, no point moaning about it.. we were second best surprisingly at that part of the game also. To be fair you rarely get that in League 1.
  11. Oakley is bullying the entire back 4 we seem scared of him, we need to change this up and somehow get the next goal, to make this a game..
  12. Boy is having a torrid time, we have to ride this spell out this goes to 3 soon and we could be in for a riding, formation does not make sense, for all the midfielders we have on the park, they are invisible, for the first goal shameful attempt by McMaster to stop Quitongo, more interested in holding hands than putting a tackle in..
  13. Typical crazy championship game, Thistle should have had the game won in the first half, The officials to me looked like they needed help from the booth that wasn't there, But for all the blunders, Dunfermline scored 3.good goals and a great attempt off the post, It is going to be a nervy run in for a number of teams.
  14. Very tricky game coming up, we cannot afford another 3 points to disappear with a trip midweek to Tannadice looming. Hopefully and to be honest I expect Fordyce to be back at CB alongside Watson, I can see McCabe sitting this one out, a bench job for him and Megwa probably. Back 4 of Ballantyne, Watson, Fordyce and Hancock.. McMaster sitting, with Frizzell, Lyall and Telfer in front of him, with McGregor and Todorov up front, in all honesty I would take a draw of offered..
  15. Delighted Megwa is back, not a surprise to be honest, I was more shocked Hibs recalled him, they seemed to give into media pressure and seemed to treat the lad poorly when he played for Hibs. As I say delighted he is back, But, with Ballantyne back and Hancock being arguably our best player, where will Megwa play. Do we do a 'JamieBain' and push Hancock further up, personally think that would totally go against McCabes system.... Scoring goals will keep us in this league, we haven't really found a solution with our recent signings Lyall (who should start) and Donnell who looks very leggy, This has been a highly enjoyable season where we all feel we belong again, Let's finish the job..
  16. A change in direction from the Airdrie support, we looked in a decent place for a few weeks, the gap over our rivals at the bottom has closed quicker than expected, Ayr and QP reeping the rewards of change.. it is going to be a dogfight till the end of the season, defeat against Morton and promotion playoffs are gone and relegation playoffs becoming ever closer, The Ayr game in many ways was a disaster, you cannot give teams round about you 9 points that will come back to haunt you.. Saturday against an in form Morton, if we go in with McCabe at CB, it will be a long afternoon, he cannot keep Oakley and Muirhead at bay IMO, hopefully Watson and Fordyce atCB, if not get ATS dusted down, he is still a good player and the tight park will suit him due to his lack of pace. Philosophies are great when you are getting results, do we have the minerals to grind out a result away from home, we need to find it.....
  17. Agree, a lot of fans are a bit deluded, Saturdays game against Ayr was pivotal an old fashioned six pointer, we have the worst away record in the league and cannot consistently score goals, that combination takes you down unfortunately.. this will be tough..
  18. We have one potential loanee only to come in, 2 weeks left of the final window of the season, what do we do.... Apparently we have asked Hibs about Megwa again and been knocked back, even although the lad wasn't even on the Hibs 18 today.. do we keep knocking on that door till it opens, or have we enough full back options. And we could.maybe explore the option of a potential centre back that could give us a hand on basic defending skills in what os bound to be a fraught end to the season..
  19. We had a reserve game.on midweek where we got our usual riding 7 - 1 from Queens Park, is this not the type of fixture to get players extra time in the legs, Ballantyne, McGill could have done with a tune up, Gall as well but not sure due to PT status. We are cannon fodder to most teams in that league, which is basically irrelevant, but we don't seem to maximise it for additional game time.. That's 3 times we have seen Donnell play is he any good ?, jury must still be out, he certainly has no pace and a severe lack of awareness of his defensive duties. Lyall looks a class act though and we surely must.play him...
  20. Just a special mention to the Ayr fans that made the journey today, The minutes silence was respected by all, and you could hear a pin drop, in what was a emotional time for a lot of Airdrie diehards, these moments of respect more often than not end up a car crash... Respect , Thanks and enjoy your night...
  21. Doncaster that's a name from the past, j used to look out for there results when Billy Bremner was the gaffer, that wasn't yesterday... Agree Consilium is working at the moment, things can change quickly in Football, Rhys holds the strings for everything. Onto today , it's a must not lose , with teams beginning to bunch up, we have games in hand, although never count your chickens with them, when you see the hectic schedule we have to play March and April...
  22. Is the championship a step too far for Wighton these days
  23. Our record is poor against Ayr and Dunfermline, just like Raith cannot beat us, those 2 sides are the same with us, Games will be coming thick and fast soon enough, a few midweek games with DU, Dunfermline, Arbroath and Raith all away from home to come, we have plenty of work to do, our away record is the the worst in the league...
  24. Well done to Hearts on what was a surprisingly open game, outclassed us, which takes the sting out the defeat to an extent, I thought the big pitch and surface suited Hearts to a tee. Also roughly 4.5 k is a helluva good away crowd, who sang and banged that bloody drum for 90 minutes, to be fair it added to the occasion, and seemed a credit to the club... Good luck for the rest of the tournament
  25. Just having a bit of fun to calm the pre-match nerves, the rocket was a red herring, Elton John used 3 stands, the Petersburn Rd end was where the stage was and was empty......
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