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  1. Exactly, we have found ourselves 4th in the league, and our mindset should be changing slightly, 8th place has been the non club mantra all season, yes we would be happy with it, survival and all that. With a bit of ambition and get a couple of quality signings in this window, we could then aim to finish as high as possible.. The last 2 games especially have proven how good a side we can be.. Teams around us are and will strengthen this month, we must be active also..
  2. When Megwa was signed it was stated that he was signed until the end of the season, I have not seen anything official to say that has changed.. It is clearly stated on the official website, The season long loans also include Murray Aiken and Josh O Connor.. What other positions do we need to strengthen IMO a left sided attacker in the mould of a Zanatta of Hamilton or Reilly of Dundee both would give us added options as scoring goals even after other recent performance needs to improve.. probably an additional Centre Half on loan wouldnt gonna amiss as cover and let Rhys play midfield where he can pull the strings...
  3. Let's not let the Megwa situation blinker us, even with Megwa in the side we still need a minimum of 2 January signings. In order for us to stay in this league, as last night showed anybody can beat anybody in this league and will be tight right to the last game IMO..
  4. That's good that David Hopkins influence is beginning to show on the field,
  5. How many Raith fans making the trip, your travelling support has looked decent, what do you think 800..
  6. I threw that name in, I am sure Raith signed Paul Harvey and Davie Kirkwood off us as well, good players, agree about Bonar he came through the ranks, but after his move he faded badly ended up playing for the Rovers and Rob Roy in the juniors..
  7. Firstly the performance from Airdrie against ICT was excellent, and as big Duncy said a good technical side.. Recruitment and resigning,, firstly recruitment if Megba goes to the Hibs camp, we always have a chance of getting him back late in the window, but we have big games coming up this month can we wait for Hibs to decide, or do we act now, probably yes we need to source additional players to supplement and improve our weak spots, we won't push the boat out, i am confident of that, i expect other teams below us to "go for it" signings wise.. Resignings... I thought it was interesting that Raith gave Murray a contract extension, Raith know that Murray will be on the radar for another raid on the Premier League, they will get well compensated if and when that happens... Rhys McCabe is not at Murray's level of experience that won't stop Raith taking him off us for example if they want him, for minimal compo, The club has to be more forward thinking with all signing deals, one year offers just let teams like Raith take players off us, Easton and Smith the latest, Paul Bonar if you want to go back a few years.. Under JB he got stung giving Kenny Black a multi year contract, and then decided to slash his budget dramatically and couldn't afford to pay him off.. IMO the club now have to be proactive and keep their prize assets for as long as possible and if they do go on to bigger clubs which is fine we get decent compensation for them..
  8. Personally think he will return to Hibs after today's game, go to dubai for the training camp, good chance Aiken will be be away as well, and will probably loan us him back at the end of the window, that happened last season to a player in League 1 last year, i think he played with Dunfermline (??)
  9. All teams will try to improve their sides, and no doubt have to push the boat out, the finances between championship and L1 are massive , our recruitment continues to be sketchy at best, Rhys having a wish list is great, getting the business done is the hard part, injuries aside we still need at least 2 starters... Not heard any rumours although the Consilium list will be getting carefully followed. Onwards and upwards
  10. Don't think it will be too long before Lidl has the cameras installed, I got stung at Broadwood Farm recently picking someone up and got a nice Euro Car Parks ticket in the post for my troubles, Everywhere is exploiting this now, thankfully we only charge 3 quid for a square of tarmac, Falkirk having been charging a fiver to park in a puddle for years
  11. How the f**k did you guys end up in this state off the park,, did you see this coming or did the blazers blind you with full-time football, training ground , SPL etc, to me Haughey and Dempster are the organ grinders and the blazers are the safe in position puppets with no relative power or heart to challenge "the man".. How far are you guys prepared to go to get your club back...
  12. How much influence does Haughey have, is it his way or the highway or is he just the money man and let's be honest if there is nothing in it for Willie he will scuttle it, it's what he does..
  13. Disappointed you never mentioned Simon Murray (I know it's in the past( So f**k Simon Murray ginger diving b*****d
  14. What a weird game, we looked like an average League 1 side again first half, with a poor Queens Park side looking the much better side, Airdrie play better on the front foot with a fast tempo far too often we let games drift away like the first half today, Second Half was more like it, first to the ball, wanting second balls and more importantly having a purpose to score goals, Telfer was again outstanding, Hancock his usual solid shift, Todorov has scored in this league before, he isn't pleasant on the eye, but caused the queen's defence numerous problems, took his deserved goal well and a very important 3 points looking at the scores again today. Big question was Gallagher injured or just yanked at half time inorder for the match winner to come on.. Any signing rumours, still think we need 3 players although been saying that every January window for years now..
  15. How are the roads around Hampden, travelling from North of City roads still pretty bad round here, nobody out due to some game on the telly..
  16. Pretty fair assessment, I think McCabe for the first time in his tenure doesn't have any answers, today it looked like hunting an early goal, if we got it, all well and good if not , see out the game, we weren't far away at the cup tie at Cappielow, we didn't need tinkering it was working, but the more we tinker the.bigger the problems it is unveiling and now we are struggling badly.. IMO we need to get back to the quick passing game that has disappeared over the last couple of months and stick with it .. For what it's worth Morton look a stereotypical championship team to me and 7th or 8th place should be gotten with ease I would think....
  17. Good travelling noisy support up from Greenock today, looked round about 4oo ISH, don't know the attendance it was announced but it was muffled on our state of the art pa system..
  18. The crazy thing is McGill would probably be effective on a dominant team, I E like Raith, he offers nothing to a poor patched up League 1 side playing in the championship and again today it showed... To be fair to Todorov what did he have to work with nothing, you took Gallagher and McGill off they had nothing to work with either, McCabe must play midfield, Telfer struggled all game is he fit. ? Frizzell has been found out and the galling thing is he knows it as well, Walking Football was his contribution todqy, and please someone defend McStravick he is miles off it and is just a playing as a lost boy , but to be fair he is not ready for this league like the rest of them.
  19. Never mind the bolloks, did any United fans take up the invite by Goodwin to meet him outside...
  20. Handling ha signed for Brechin city agree good player, Robertson is a wrong un and will probably end up at EK, don't think many clubs will touch him.
  21. Reilly on paper could be decent, he banged them in a bottom League 2 side, asking a lot to score the goals to keep a struggling side in the championship, Innes Murray is a League 1 player as his career has dictated, we sign these players and that is where we will be, don't really know the answers except we need better than we have, not convinced we will get it... Hypothetical question if we were in League 1 with our current squad, where would we be at this stage of the season, I would say a distant third behind Hamilton and Falkirk, scary stuff... On the positive we are in the championship and by hook or crook we must stay there..
  22. Aw FFS, don't get them started, he has found his level thankfully in League 2..
  23. We are asking a lot from Todorov and McGill to an extent, McGill got slated after the Thistle game, his first League game in weeks and gets dropped the next, Todorov comes in against Dunfermline does alright and gets dropped again, We are looking for the silver bullet upfront and not getting it, are we giving it enough of a chance though, how about judging Todorov after 3 starts in a row not after 75 minutes, we aren't scoring just now anyway... Nothing will change unless we change our shape, Rhys knows teams will run through us if he does, you either drop McMaster or someone and play a 2 up front, our midfielders aren't physically strong or quick enough to play that regularly.... Personally don't think who we sign if anybody up front will make a great deal of difference, but we need a lot more productivity and goals from our wide players and Frizzell and Telfer if that clicks and we get ahead in games, our strikers will have more chances late in games.... Nothing is easy in this league, and we are in a battle , next 2 games are must not lose territory IMO
  24. MCgill I agree , he was very effective in the last 2 seasons, Technically a mess, but his reckless direct style seemed to work in League 1, he would probably do a turn for Raith due to their open attacking style.. Todorov is proven he can get goals, he has been unlucky, what do you want him to do in 8minutes or whatever at Ayr, a more positive attacking approach to scoring goals is required and a physical midfield player to give us a different option than the dot to dot safety first passing... O Connor has pace to burn, which we need, but little else, probably League 2 is his level at this moment in time.. Falkirk signed the lad Shanley from troubled Edinburgh, he is a good forward player that was available, hopefully we can get some business done, although recruitment is still a major issue under this regime...
  25. There is a rumour at our end that Gabby McGill will be signing for you guys in m January, personally think it is a lot of pish, I know Murray is a big fan, but to be fair to McGill , our new style doesn't suit his reckless style, but has showed virtually nothing all season probably a league too high for him,
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