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  1. Up past the marina, it was supposed to be for the Rob Roy , it has been finished now for about a year, only one game played on it Rossvale v Darvel Cup tie , the facility looks top class , it really is a white elephant at the moment.
  2. Absolutely agree, this is the best I can remember the 90s were great but a different type of football, we are playing it the way it should be played, frustrating for us old hats at times though.. Young new fans treasure these moments with your old dads etc.... We will all look forward to the highlights tonight, just keep the head when we get little praise and the big bad plastic pitch is made the reason for super saints defeat..
  3. There is a modern stadium similar to Peter's hill Park doing absolutely nothing in Kirkintilloch, probably just waiting to bite the hand off the highest bidder.
  4. That's good might out number the home fans, most of us are spending our money paying for the RangerZ game on the TV, enjoy your day.
  5. Interesting signing, was impressed that night at Cappielow, sounds like an old fashioned 6 or 8, an area we are strong in, with Aiken still to come back as well, the lad is here to play, where and who drops out ..... Well done to the club for keeping this signing under the radar.
  6. Totally agree, we shouldn't be leaving anything to chance, with Megwa recalled, I would imagine Fellows would be recalled from his Loan spell at the Rovers to provide cover, not great but you have to use what you have at your disposal.... Don't think we will be seeing Cammy and Aiken match fit minus complications till about early March...
  7. So what midweek do you think this game will be played, next midweek saints are playing, the following week we are in a semi on the Friday, it looks like the only available slot will be 6 or 7th Feb just before the next round is due.. to be fair that will be the furthest we have been on the Scottish for 20 odd years..
  8. Forgot to add, the seats aren't actually preheated it's just the locals who will clean the seat with their ass , waiting on the laird's arriving, hopefully Finbarr and Conaghan will get the beasts fed early enough to throw us a couple of shillings...
  9. Mission accomplished by all concerned, Hibs for sending him out on loan to get experience and Airdrie for giving him the platform on a competitive environment, that's the way loan players are supposed to work... Good luck to the lad.. Now Airdrie let's not pine for a lost love, there are players to be signed and football to be played.... Onwards and upwards
  10. I don't agree with this, but just heard due to a ' big club' coming to town, we are hoping to coax as much money out of our visitors as possible, probably due to Perth and surrounding areas being one of the most affluent in Scotland.. Parking is apparently being priced as 5 pounds per car, 7 pounds if you rock up in a tractor.. and also 5 pounds if you have a Tory supporting sticker on your car window,(seems fair enough to me) Once you enter the stadium and you manage to avoid the bird shit stained walls (don't want to damage the tweed remember) why not queue up for an eternity to buy a reasonably priced steak pie at 5 pounds, washed down by a variety of hot drinks(bring your own salt though). After that please take to you preheated seat and enjoy the game...
  11. Good listen as usual folks, just want to add to a point made by Emma a pretty damning statistic that our midfielders Frizzell, Telfer, McMaster, Aiken, etc have not managed to find the net in 20 league games this season, We have 19 overall and lack of goals could eventually be our downfall, I would think on average you would be expecting 12 to 15 goals a season from your midfielders.... They on the whole have performed admirably this season, with Telfer continuing to be the pick of the bunch. Hopefully this will be addressed moving forward.
  12. Funny time to want plaudits for young players, lots of twists and turns to go yet, The moaners may well be right, who knows . But if you want a score card see below.... McMaster ... Good player, a little too safe with his passing at times.. Hancock.... Another impressive performer at lb, attacks well, probably better at going forward than defending.. O Connor.... Probably playing a league or 2 ahead of his ability at this time, Disappointing G Gallagher.... Not played much due to his indiscretions, looks as if he could make it , yet again though a safe passing centre midfielder. Dunlop ... Hard to tell, only seen him come on once.. Cassidy ... Played once at Univ cup tie and I thought he struggled, if he is our future, then we have to question do we have one.. Aiken... An energetic box to box midfielder, probably chases a game too much, One of our top performers prior to injury.. Onto the cup tie, is anybody slightly disappointed that we haven't done anything for this game, one off limited 1924 winners strip etc would have been nice(Partick did it a few years back). It could well be our last venture on the cup this season and I think we have missed the boat on this one, has anybody heard of anything else happening.
  13. Whatever happens on Saturday Levein and all his media mates will be moaning good style about the pitch, to be fair you could record his interview just now.... The sport scene cameras will be there apparently, probably get a 2 minute highlight reel before they gush about the old firm again
  14. 8th yes I suppose is the target, we are currently 4 th on merit, why not strive for 4th place there is a difference of 140k between 4th and 8th, that would surely help with next season's budget or ploughed into the academy ....
  15. Do you guys think McGeady could back himself into the job, The high wage does nothing mantra sometimes ends that way... I am still putting my money on McCall
  16. Unusual or is it, McCabe on one of his recent interviews on DTV was very coy when mentioning he had a wish list for the newly opened transfer window. Since then nothing, I think we will announce Megwa in a big way till end of the season, (he is on a season loan anyway) it's all smoke and mirrors, Teams below us are panicking big style Ayr, Arbroath and QP all having new managers with Arbroath and QP strengthening and Ayr will probably have to do the same after binning Bullen.. This league changes very quickly , things have been very good recently, but the same squad issues remain the same.. Come the end of the season, we don't want to have any regrets and a couple of additional options this window, will certainly help us no doubt about it..
  17. Wouldn't be surprised if Ian McCall got the gig again, would imagine he would have a clause in his Clyde contract for a full time club etc, not to mention Mark Kerr has just been appointed 1st team coach at Clyde also, McCall it is guys written in the stars..
  18. I wouldn't be concerned too much although although United are rotten, I cannot see them dropping too many games second half of the season... It always looked to outsiders that Raith would internally combust eventually, wonder goals, late goals you must have picked up around 20 points doing that (well done etc). My main point is I think Ian Murray will now attempt to grind out results and play more conservatively, that's in his natural DNA, he was never a particularly positive or expansive manager and is probably out with his comfort zone, Watching Murray take a meltdown last week yanking off Easton, Vaughn and Smith all top players and replacing them with Connolly, Hamilton and Gullan just shows the depth you have in those areas...
  19. Martin Compston gtf. Rhys McCabe should be played by Sean Bean
  20. Some nifty footwork , you must admit.. Enjoy your Saturday brers
  21. I read that and i take all of McCabes interviews with a pinch of salt , we have had a great week 3 wins and gave ourselves a bit of breathing space over the bottom clubs, The facts remain we are the lowest scorers on the league away from home 6 goals from 9 games and 7 points from 9 games, so that needs to improve second half of the season our home record is actually better than Raiths and United big difference is goalscoring and their away records are top class (apart from playing us). We are currently in 4 th place and the difference between 4 th and 8th in this league is about 140k, I would think it would be worthwhile to strengthen in the right areas and give ourselves a chance we are currently there on merit...
  22. Exactly, we have found ourselves 4th in the league, and our mindset should be changing slightly, 8th place has been the non club mantra all season, yes we would be happy with it, survival and all that. With a bit of ambition and get a couple of quality signings in this window, we could then aim to finish as high as possible.. The last 2 games especially have proven how good a side we can be.. Teams around us are and will strengthen this month, we must be active also..
  23. When Megwa was signed it was stated that he was signed until the end of the season, I have not seen anything official to say that has changed.. It is clearly stated on the official website, The season long loans also include Murray Aiken and Josh O Connor.. What other positions do we need to strengthen IMO a left sided attacker in the mould of a Zanatta of Hamilton or Reilly of Dundee both would give us added options as scoring goals even after other recent performance needs to improve.. probably an additional Centre Half on loan wouldnt gonna amiss as cover and let Rhys play midfield where he can pull the strings...
  24. Let's not let the Megwa situation blinker us, even with Megwa in the side we still need a minimum of 2 January signings. In order for us to stay in this league, as last night showed anybody can beat anybody in this league and will be tight right to the last game IMO..
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