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  1. 10-16-16 I would have a top league of 10 teams play each other 4 times. Let Sky have their 4 old firm games. Below that 2 leagues of 16. Play each other twice, 30 games. 1 up from championship with playoff for 2nd, 3rd and 4th and 2nd bottom of Premiership. Then revamp the challenge cup to Champions League format to create another 6 games guaranteed. Final played on same day as Scottish Cup Final 12pm ko. (Obviously only if no lower league teams qualify for Scottish Cup final). This would mainly keep all the bigger city teams in the top league, best larger town teams in championship, and best part time teams in league 1. NO COLT TEAMS ANYWHERE.
  2. I'm no Bullen fan but realistically he is going nowhere. Looking at the big picture the club will think he is doing a great job.
  3. Alan Forrest, he's better than James!
  4. 5. Milkybar 4. *New Entry* Cadburys Caramilk 3. Turkish Delight from fridge. 2. Creme egg from freezer 1. Kinder Bueno White Chocolate - (basically crack cocaine, one try addicted for life)
  5. Somebody replied 'how am I going to watch bargain hunt?' [emoji23]
  6. If we got promoted I think the club would just delay the north terrace redevelopment until the following season when we are relegated [emoji857]
  7. Simple 50% tax on all revenue of Premiership clubs split evenly between all teams in the top league. Thank you
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