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  1. Feel your pain, hope you get out of it quicker than we did.
  2. Mind what happened last time we made a lot of changes.
  3. Pur a fiver on them at 80 /1 when I saw the team he put out.
  4. Anyone seen McGuffies goal for QoS against Annan? Twinkle toes was never in it.
  5. Watch McGuffies goal for QoS against Annan, typical McGuffie, he can only score belters.
  6. My first Falkirk match was in 1958, don't go to games now, as, the, I can't afford to. Read P&B, and am always amazed at the negatively spouted on here, we are having our best season, with our best team in years. Sit back and enjoy the ride and support the team
  7. I have been getting that for a couple of days now
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