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  1. Just what I was thinking when I seen the score in the final minutes it makes a change when we usually lose a goal in that last minutes
  2. Great result and an away win for a change and a bit more progress up the table now hopefully pick up some momentum now well done lads
  3. Hard one to call I think both teams will be gunning for it so hopefully that’ll make it a decent game our home forms in our favour but we’ve hardly been a free scoring team this season so il predict a boring draw of 0-0 or surprise us with a 4-4 draw or something like that
  4. And the lord said let there be light but aye the floodlights sorted
  5. Good news with the extra addictions it’s shaping up a bit better now and with Shane Sutherland in training to I’d easily take him back once he’s fit and 100% especially as we’re not that strong up front now since Hester left
  6. Excellent news 2 great servants to the club extending there contracts hopefully few more new faces soon to
  7. Good to get another result again first penalty is a hard one to call for the ref from what I seen and seen on the replay jones got to the ball first and knocked the ball on then keeper collides obviously the keeper thought he was getting there first and ended up colliding with jones due to his momentum in coming out for the ball but still probably classed as a penalty in the end and second penalty can’t say much about that it’s a clear penalty in the end
  8. Great to see some transfer and loan business done early into the window so far
  9. Surprised by that result honestly thought a thumping was coming our way so didn’t expect much but a decent win in the end and at last a result in our favour especially in the position we are and Clyde losing
  10. At last a descent result didn’t think of us getting anything from this game before the start also a result that goes our way in the table and hopefully build on from this result well done lads and happy new year win it comes
  11. Utter disgrace some of the youth now a days no respect for anyone or anything and after losing his wife recently as well they get let off with everything now a days anyway thanks mr tatters for all the work you did for the club through the years and hope everything’s ok
  12. Should be announced soon then I guess and should be interesting he’s done a good job at Huntly getting them in the near the top end of highland league and they seem to perform a lot better than previous seasons and he’s a little more local so should help a bit
  13. If pitch inspection is 7:30am I doubt it’ll go ahead especially with it getting even colder over night and at that time in the morning there’s no way it’ll be thawed out even if inspection was later on in the the majority of the pitch will still be unplayable probably
  14. Quite a hard frost so wouldn’t be surprised if the pitch is affected unless there’s covers down but don’t know if the covers would make much of a difference could be a different story by tomorrow but still meant to be chilly so I predict there maybe a pitch inspection
  15. We’ll make sure that our home game with you in February is called off in advance then
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