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There is no Easter Special!

The first episode will be shown on the Saturday of Easter but thats a normal episode.

Some internet scuttlebut that Part 2 of the first story will be shown on Easter Sunday but as yet that is not confirmed.

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Looks like there will be alot to look forward to this series. For me, I can't wait for the old west episode.

There is no Old west episode!

The first two episodes are set in the 1960s/70s.

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According to sources, apparently one of the main four characters will be getting pied in the two part special. My moneys on rory, even though I love the guy. They won't get rid of the doctor or amy, and river song we already know dies in that episode in the planet library back with david tennant.

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TIME CAN BE REWRITTEN - would not at all be shocked if River got brown bread by the end of episode 1.

or as is more likely indeed pretty much almost certain

They see Amy being killed in the future and have to the season finale to work out how to save her

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Seeing as they had filmed 6 episodes of Series 5 I think cancelling Series 3 might be a bit odd.

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