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Abu Hamza


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Who was it that posted a video about big Abu from some National Front guy's FB on here a while back? Tryfield or one of those weirdo right wing types, I think?

The "oh somebody sent me the link" backtracking was hilarious.

Up there with this imo.

Britain is.

Oil and water will never mix.

British, English, Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Sikh, Catholic, Black, White, Gay, Straight, Fat, Thin, Left, Right, Nationalist, Unionist, Republican.

No political party can please all of those sub types. Those who shout loudest shall be heard first though.

Multiculturalism? Oil and water will never mix. No matter how hard you force them together.

This video is quite good. Anjem Whateverhisnameis comes across as a total p***k.


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Stumpy has been jailed for life - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-30754959#pleasing

No wonder the c**t wanted to stay here. Now he is proper fucked. The Yanks don't mess about. Boom. You're never getting out. Oooft.

Dr Hook: "Can I have a nice comfy hospital prison?"

Judge: "Nope. Maximum security, pound you in the ass prison for you. Good luck"

Double Ooft.

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Anyone know why they had enough evidence in America to convict him but not here?

I suspect they don't. They just found the most severe and biased judge they could get in New York. Evidence doesn't come into this.

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