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NFL Head Coach was last out in 2009It was on PC and PS3Probably get it on the cheap on eBay

Was it any good though? I would imagine for the game to be good it would take alot of work to go into it. The worst thing would be to play a half arsed game that would put you off but I could only imagine the potential it could have if some company took the idea and really put the work into it. Dealing with the cap. Getting scouts to help with the draft. Going to the combine. Dealing with FA's then the game itself. Calling play's. Fake field goals all over the place :D. Would be bloody awesome.

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Saints needs - pass rush. Cam Jordan looks like he will be very good, but we need a serious pass rush.

Linebackers - moving to the 3-4, we'll need to upgrade the LB's.

Corners - I love Jabari Greer, but I think he's back as a nickel, would like a big corner

safeties - Malcolm Jenkins is hit or miss, with mostly miss. Maybe he should go back to corner where he did so well. Roman Harper - have to keep him around, but hope new DC can use him better.

Probably need to drop an OL, WR, and maybe another TE.

Would love to get Ed Reed as a free agent signing, come home Ed, come home.

Jacoby Jones - yeah, same thing. Come home Jacoby, come home...

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Anyone want to speculate on what Flacco's new contract is gonna be?

I reckon it's gonna be in the region of 5 years, $70 million

Read a few articles suggesting it'll be around the $100m over 5 years...

Will they agree a contract over summer of will he be tagged for 2013 then get paid?

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