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Mega Changes (Updated)

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Ok, so apologies about yet another period of downtime this morning.

This was much longer than anticipated as I basically got every one of my toys and threw them out the pram.

I could go into a long rambling technical explanation of what went wrong, but suffice to say there have been massive changes this morning.

We've not only moved server, we've moved hosts, and we've moved country.

P&B now lives in Amsterdam. Hopefully it will enjoy itself over there more than it did in Germany which is where it was until this morning.

We are now using SSD storage so it should be quicker, but I'm not making any promises. Main thing for me is hopefully it will be more reliable.

No overnight backups now either, so the site will no longer go down at 4am.

Sail on P&B crew. This change is big. Massive. Bigger than a really big thing.

ps; We initally brought the server back online using a copy of the database from after the crash this morning, but there was a few threads missing, some big ones including BRALT ! That was too big a miss so we eventually restored from the overnight backup instead. Those threads are all there and all we have lost is a few posts from this morning. Not great and apologies but hopefully all for the greater good in the longer term.

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Good luck with this Div, lets hope any further modifications and upgrades are stress free.

Losing the BRALT??.. Scotland P&B would suffer ''social unrest''. :ph34r:

Yeah could not have the site without that thread. Unthinkable.

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