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New handsets 2016


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Ditched my Xiaomi Redmi 8T last month as the system started going on random reboot loops - getting £40 from Fonebank for it was an unexpected bonus. 

Went for a OnePlus 8T (256GB version) which is a definite upgrade. The storage and 12GB RAM runs everything smoothly and the camera is also much better in zoom mode. Having an automatic 2x or 0.6x landscape option on tap is a simple but obvious practical addition as well. 

On the downside, the battery drains much more at the lower end compared to the Redmi, which was like a cockroach in a nuclear winter after going to low battery mode. The fast charger refills half the battery in ten minutes and fully within 40 minutes though, so it's never an inconvenience. 

Hopefully it'll be suitable to move over to 5G coverage in time. Apparently OnePlus have disabled compatibility with certain UK networks so I'll shop around carefully once coverage improves. 

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Probably as good a thread as any for this as it potentially involves getting a new phone - when is the right time to get and use your PAC to avoid being charged for another month?

My Vodafone contract ends in the next few days but I don't get billed until about the sixth of each month, so when would be best? Guessing it's the billing date?

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