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I was thinking about this as a supporter of a part time club but I suppose it`s relevent to all teams in Scotland.

Imagine for a minute that you`re chairman/woman of your football club and some lottery winning fan approches you and says "Here`s a million squid, do with it as you please - just so long as it`s spent on the club."

Spend it on the squad, ground improvements, all expenses paid trip to Dubai for the board... What would you spend it on?

Edit to include "Pay off the manager" as an option. ;)

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Hire someone from IS to provide half time entertainment and use the rest to improve the main stand.

how much is a box of swan vestas these days?

boring answer: build a spartans type stadium for the City

not so boring answer: buy that Michael Jackson statue that used to be outside Craven Cottage. I think it would look quite good at Meadowbank


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