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Double Winning St Johnstone FC Thread

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We have rejected Eggert Jonsson. His agent made contact with us.

Would he not be a better option than Paul Paton?

As I said in the Dundee thread, that was the worst article I've ever seen in the tele. Managers at this level have agents getting in touch with them about near enough hundreds of players every week.

That article should have been Dundee and St Johnstone have turned down *lots of players that have been released*. Just piss poor journalism from Tam Duthie.

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Strong with skill, hard working, can look after himself, a very (good) St Johnstone signing.


Tend to agree - he looks a great fit for us. We usually go for experience and, whilst he doesn't have any in the top flight, he's got somewhere around 250 appearances in his career and he's only just turned 24. Hopefully he can carry his goalscoring exploits from Falkirk to Saints.

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Take it the youngster from the 'top, top European side' is out the windy now?

Decent signing.

Don't tell the Falkirk fans that, they think they are the "top, top" side.

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Hard working player capable of scoring vital and sometimes stunning goals, don't expect him to be a standout every week though, he sometimes disappears in games, and better playing in midfield rather than wide where we were playing him of late. But he's plenty experience and played 200 first team games for us. Good signing for you, writing was on the wall he would be away when we didn't go up, allied to the fact we brought in Craigen from Raith on a pca.

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