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Most annoying England internationals of all time.


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Geoff Hurst - The only man to score a two-goal hat-trick.

Sol Cambpell - Played the race card.

Steve Bull - Chatted up my girlfriend then netted against Scotland ... absolute c'nt of a man :P

Stuart Pearce - As English as they come - laughed my c'nt off when he missed that penalty.

John Terry - Not a single likeable thing about the guy.

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The weird thing about the England team is that I tend to like the players on an individual basis. Obviously with the exception of John Terry and Joe Hart, but that's really about it.

The rugby team on the other hand seems to be exclusively populated with absolute bawbags of the highest order.

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Alan Ball

Paul Gascoigne

Emlyn Hughes

John Terry

Andrew Wilkinson who played centre-forward for my primary school football team. Technically, he wasn't an International but he was English. Annoying as f**k he was too. 


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