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It's pretty decent. It's by no means in the same league as a Breaking Bad, or The Wire, etc, but conversely, it isn't as mindless or stupid as you might expect/fear.

Enjoyable fare that I'd recommend. Isn't going to overly stretch your brain cells, but isn't going to offend your sensibilities either. Worth a watch.

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Couldn't get into it, watched the first half of season 1 and didn't like it. the missus was watching the tail end of season 2, she gave me a brief insight into what I'd missed now I've fully caught up.

As mentioned it's no groundbreaking series that makes you sit and go 'wow' but it's enjoyable enough.

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23 hours ago, Bert Raccoon said:

That's me watched three seasons so far and I'm really enjoying it. Only criticism I have (and I'm sure many wouldn't complain about it) but does every episode need a slow motion shagging scene in it?

Was thinking that as well, 1 hour an episode but you've probably got an average of about 40 minutes dialogue per episode.

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On 24/09/2017 at 20:47, The Chlamydia Kid said:

I'm 9 episodes in and it hasn't occurred to this supposedly switched on FBI undercover agent, who spends her time investigating drug dealers, that the filthy rich 30 year old African American man from the hood, who she's been sleeping with may have made his cash from illegitimate means....

This is the main problem I have with it , the relationship between the two is beyond ludicrous...

It's not bad, a dumbed down version of the wire I suppose, some of the acting is a bit ropey , and like most of these things you can pull it apart pretty easy but enjoyable enough.

ETA. Stuck with it to the end of season 4, apparently 5 coming out soon,



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First episode back was decent. Forgot both how much of a banger (quality tune context) Fiddy’s opening track is, and how much of a wee fucking banger (worstcunt context) Tariq is. Hope he gets his totties at some point soon.

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