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  1. Be interested to see if the rematch actually happens in October, mainly with both Fury and Usyk running the risk of beheadings after publicly thanking Jesus 647 times between them in the middle of a Saudi ring.
  2. Didn’t think the cards were as wide as sky had it, also didn’t think Fury did enough to win it, so right result albeit should have been unanimous. Either way, these two are the best in the division by absolutely miles, and given that he’s now Undisputed Cruiserweight and Heavyweight champion in 22 fights, there’s an argument to be made that Oleksandr Usyk might be the best boxer of all time. A genius.
  3. I’m sure after the 10th Fury’s corner was telling him he was winning the fight. Mental if he’s taken that on and tried to just see out the last two. Usyk win for me, albeit a wee bit closer than the sky card. Would not be surprised with the dodgy draw though…
  4. 5-2 or 4-3 Fury for me. Really, really good fight. The adjustments both are making round to round is incredible to watch. These are just two absolutely elite boxers.
  5. First very tight, second Usyk, 3rd and 4th Fury for me. Could be 2-2 or 3-1 Fury. These two are so fucking good.
  6. Usyk’s gear is absolutely sensational. What a fucking swag daddy
  7. Was saying to my mates during the Cordina Cacace fight where the stands were completely full, if it was a card here where if it was three fights before the main event (even for a world title fight), place would be half empty, but it’d still have ten times the noise. Sure these shows are great for the fighters as they’ll make much, much more money from the purse I imagine, but it’s fucking shite viewing.
  8. If this is the length of the entrances for the undercard, then I dread to think how long Fury’s will be. Fight won’t start until Tuesday, ffs.
  9. Really enjoyed that fight, great that the ref was just letting them work on the inside. Initially thought Cordina had said that his arm was gone in the corner after the 6th, but barely moved during the 7th or 8th, so maybe something in his leg. Fair play to him either way, tried to gut it out, but Cacace was like a shark smelling blood.
  10. Feel a bit sorry for Cordina there. Not really Cacace’s fault as he’d thrown the hook as the ref was saying to stop boxing, but definitely shook him a bit and then Cacace jumped on him. Good fight so far
  11. Sad to see the ghost of Sergey Kovalev getting soundly beaten in the 3rd undercard fight in front of 15 people. At one point, was genuinely the scariest man alive, but 2 fights in 5 years and heavy drinking in between has clearly taken its toll. Time to hang them up.
  12. Rangers in to the “Regens only” stage of their football manager save.
  13. Absolutely not new information, but Kenny Miller is a fucking idiot.
  14. It really is a shame McGregor never moved on to a higher level. He’s a quality player but can’t help but think he could have developed even more. Fabio Silva is not a good player, and a total p***k.
  15. Brings me no pleasure to advise that the Great British scone has gone woke. Pray for our Madeira cakes National Trust defends vegan scone recipe after ‘wokery’ criticism | The National Trust | The Guardian
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