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The Boys

King Kebab

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Well, I’ve watched the first couple of episodes and it’s very good, so far!!!

Probably get it polished off over the weekend but I do recommend it!!!

Bit pissed off at Hughie losing his ethnicity though absolutely no reason why he has to be American and not Scottish!!!

Although nice to see Simon Pegg playing his dad, remember when he was supposed to play Hughie, in fact the character was based on him originally!!!


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Not usually a fan of superhero stuff but four episodes in and quite enjoying this. Homelander is a proper socipath, it's his facial expressions & twitches which are really unnerving. Took me a while to realise it was the same guy from Banshee.

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Brilliant series. Also glad it ended the way it did!

Butcher's accent is hilarious half the time. Seems to go from English to South African then Australian and back to English. 

The dolphin scene had me pishing myself. As did the lobster scene. And THAT scene with Butcher and the baby.

I also loved the plane scene. So many dark themes to this show. Hope season 2 keeps it up!

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