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How Fashionable Are You?


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In light of every woman in the world currently and evidently being forced to wear nasty shredded jeans in the name of fashion, how much does this whole 'fashion' thing in general influence your attire?


Do you wear stupid clothes just because you feel you should? Did you previously but then become a penny pinching boring old fart at any particular age? Do you refuse to buy anything branded, or are you happy to pay £50 for a polo shirt made in some sweatshop?


As you may guess from the above, I'm the clichéd 'never out of fashion because I've never been in fashion'. If anything I typically have the outdoorsy look, not because of some 'look at me, I climb mountains and therefore must be really cool' thing, but simply because it's rather practical on a pishy wet day like today. That said, I forked out £90 for a pair of Ted Baker shoes the other month as they were the comfiest I could find and they've not scarred me for life like the £30 equivalents I had previously. Would do again now.


That said, I'll generally avoid Tesco two stripe type stuff completely for fear of being branded a tink (mindset probably inherited from school where such a thing would result in severe ridicule), yet will happily wear a featureless t-shirt from Tesco. That said, the latter tends to look a bit crap after a few washes so I find it better to go down the slightly more expensive route, but not too expensive (read that last bit in the voice of the Knights of Ni) . Exciting stuff.


Anyway, discuss (ideally with full honesty)...

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I had a pretty shite dress sense before I lived in Glasgow (shite as in boring).

Have bought a few All Saints t-shirts over the years, although Label Lab is probably my favourite.

Most I've forked out is £185 for a Superdry parka. Toasty as f**k in the winter. Probably wouldn't pay that much again.

Ralph Lauren stuff doesn't interest me at all. Too expensive.

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Not really a 'follower' as such but I am enjoying the recent camel toe displaying fitness attire young females seem to be adopting recently although some of them it has to be said have been nowhere near a gym :lol: 

The ripped jeans thing makes me laugh. I remember having ripped jeans because they were ripped. The 'manufactured' rips just look all wrong and contrived :lol: 





For me t-shirts and shirts and jeans generally come from Tesco with the occasional Alpinestars purchase if I see something I like :) 

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Just now, John Lambies Doos said:

Generally buy brands because they do tend to fit better and last longer. I'll get shirts tailored as opposed to off the shelf offers; and have more than 2 pairs of shoes. In summary, I dress well

I had you down as an overalls and wellies kind of guy.

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I've never been fashionable, I just get clothes in the sales. It all spans from my poverty stricken childhood. I mean we were so poor when I was young I used to get all my clothes from the Army Surplus Stores...




...I was 10 before I realised I wasn't a Japanese tank commander..

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