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Kevin Spacey beast or misunderstood


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There was a story I heard a few years ago where he was in Scotland and acting inappropriately but I never saw it online and didn't really see the testimonial as reliable. It may still be utter nonsense and people taking his kind of gay persona and overreacting but it doesn't really sit right with me that this is in the press now.

Seems pretty despicable to me how he's been accused of sexual assault and put out a statement coming out as gay as if he's somehow the victim in the story. It's not a defence to rape of a kid.

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He was drunk and can't remember trying to pull a 14 year old lad. 

Yeah, just read the article. Pretty shocking to use the excuse that he is now living as a gay man - sorry that's nothing to do with trying to seduce a child.

I do however, like the publication that this quote comes from.

"People have different reasons for the way they live their lives," he told the Daily Beast. "It's just a line I've never crossed and never will."
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Ive had a couple of dealings with Mr Spacey and I can assure you he is an absolute c**t. 

His treatment of staff in my company was bullying, aggressive and arrogant. 

Whether he's a beast or not, I don't know but coming out to confuse issues seems fairly typical of him.

I hope it's not true but that he gets done for it anyway.


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13 minutes ago, invergowrie arab said:

He's a beast.

I have been drunk thousands of times, am a straight man and have never tried to touch up a 14 year old girl.

Yes, but are you now living your life as a straight man?

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