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Proof that Scottish football is dreadful..

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6 minutes ago, red23 said:

oh come on some has been reject from the Championship unable to get a team comes in and looks like fucking Zindane.

Nope, he never headbutted anyone that I can recall.  Got nutmegged by Ali Crawford and decimated by a Killie player (sweet!), and, err, that was about it ......

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3 hours ago, red23 said:

and miles behind the English Championship?

Step forward Youssouf Mulumbu :lol:

Where does Sol Bamba and Lucas Atkins fit into your plan?

Also England is shite. Full of racist Brexity wanks. 
Stand up for yourself and your country you servile arsehat.

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8 hours ago, Romeo said:

Scottish Football is magic.

I'd rather watch a Scottish game form any league than English shite.

This all day long.


It baffles me why down south the guffs all w**k on and on and on about how fantastically magic their over-rated pish league is (not that there's nothing wrong with sticking up for yourselves) whereas up here so many people, even fans of our own clubs not just the plastic guff-TV-watching fan type, can't wait to run down our game and tell us how shite it is. 


The irony of this thread a day after a player who'd not long left here goes for the highest transfer fee ever paid for a defender, clearly escapes the fuckwit OP. 

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No one is forcing you to watch Scottish football. Why not f**k off and do something else?

The English are the best in the world at selling their game. They constantly push this "best league in the world" chat, even though the majority of games I catch (especially any involving Man Utd) are absolute dross. 

In contrast, I'm very rarely bored at a scottish game. There's usually something worth watching - goals, high tempo, tackles, even the odd bit of quality football breaking out. 

The standard is nowhere as bad as people make out. 

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