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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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23 minutes ago, Richey Edwards said:

I'd like to see the 11/12 home kit done - although that might be too recent to recieve the treatment.

also if you wore it after Christmas you'd slip into a deep coma occasionally punctuated by messy bowel interruptions.

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On 20/09/2022 at 22:09, Finlay21 said:

Yes shop is open 1-5 on that day , we have 2xl available in Home, Away, 3rd Kit and currently Ayr Advertiser retro , the Ayrshire Post Retro will be delivered this Friday (23rd) or at latest Monday (26th am) 

Perfect cheers 👍

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14 minutes ago, AUFC 1910 said:

1-0 Morton

Stupid free kick, bombscare at corner, scored through a sea of legs.

Keeper not exactly covering himself in glory at the set piece either.

Personally?, McGinty and McAdams would never be in my team

Been all us since, shame though we're hoofing it up to a 5 foot 8 striker against Baird and Lithgow

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Hoofball lives and breaths.

At times you would think Hopkin is using a joystick for both teams from the stands.

I get playing diagonally into space for players to run onto but it’s like a game of rugby.

On the occasion the ball does stay on the ground, both sides can play and have shown it - mostly us.

Just need everyone to just slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwa down a notch or two.

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Mcginty cannot play another game in the league when we are full strength. It’s no wonder every team he’s played for boos him when he returns.

Bangala is a pler. Throwing himself into everything and is the provider of most of our on the ground stuff.

Not going to judge Young tonight because he’s not getting the service Akinyemi gets but he is doing well with what he can.

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