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The Ultimate Super Ayr Thread

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5 minutes ago, Thereisalight.. said:

Still a shock some people rated him as the best GK in the league before he signed for us. I dont rate him at all

Had his best game for us at RP and that's about as much good stuff as i can say about him. 

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4 minutes ago, AUFC 1910 said:

Linesman and ref getting it tight from some overly angry men in the Morton hospitality 🤣

4 subs for Ayr - Dipo on now

Morton’s hospitality always seems to be populated by absolute roasters. They either have a very low fee for hospitality or give them lots of cheap booze. Or both.

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Would like to ask fans of Aidan McAdams what in the name of f**k they see in him. Every corner could’ve been a goal and he dived about a second early for every penalty. Albinson is twice the goalie he will ever be.

Aye McAdams is fairly rotten tbh. Even with Albinson, the goalkeeper position is something that can be improved upon imo.

Considering I had forgotten we were playing tonight until about twenty minutes before kick off I can’t say I’m that bothered about tonight. Bought the stream last minute as I fancied a look at some players I’ve not watched yet. Bangala, Young and Mullin all looked decent enough. We could do with getting a settled back 4 down though and for me that should be Houston, Musonda, Kirk and Reading.
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