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pretentious twattery (aka the finer things in life)

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as a general rule, i'm a complete pikey - always poking around the "reduced" shelves in the supermarket (gotta love those yellow price tags in tesco), forever having second hand stuff off eBay, petty thievery when the opportunity presents itself and sundry other assorted tight-fistedness and expense avoidance

however - I do have some standards, and there are a few things which I insist on, for no other reason than because i'm right up my own arse, for instance:

- bronze-die pasta

- DOC & DOCG wines

- that fucking expensive douwe egberts coffee

do any other P&B'ers insist on little bits of luxury every once in a while (not just food and stuff), and what are your pretentious foibles ???


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6 minutes ago, Cardinal Richelieu said:

Depends what wood. If it's not mahogany or some other endangered wood, I'll stick to my ivory ones. 

Just realised I should have said "which" wood. My apologies to everyone concerned. 

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