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Israel lobby v Corbyn


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18 minutes ago, welshbairn said:

A 2 state solution has been made impossible by Israeli settlements in the West Bank, the insistance that the Israeli army retains control of all major arteries and the Jordanian border and miles to the west of it. Palestine would be a series of bantustans with no connection to Gaza.



A two state solution is the only solution with Israel withdrawing from the settlements that near everyone agrees is in contradiction of international law.

I do not think this will happen any time in the near future but it is the only way ahead.  Many Israeli Jews support this solution.


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This carry on has been really annoying me for weeks now and the amount of media coverage it's getting is quite ridiculous. 

I think any sensible person knows that this is all an attempt to take out Corbyn and his most loyal followers and is being driven by those within his party such as Tom Watson and his merry band of Blairites, in  partnership with those in society who feel they have most to lose with a socialist leaning government coming to power.

Strange bedfellows indeed, or maybe not.

The Jewish situation is just a complete smokescreen and from a Labour perspective we have around 260,000 Jews in the UK of which less than 20% are actually Labour supporters, as such why are the Labour party bending over backwards to accomodate their every whim and to issue apology after apology for absolutely nothing.

The bottom line is that any form of anti semitism is disgraceful and should not be tolerated, however if people have a problem with Netanyahu and his policies then they should be quite entitled to voice these concerns and criticisms without fear of being jumped on by the ignorant masses and those with an agenda accusing them all of being anti semitic.

Free speech ?

Don't make me laugh, this country is fast becoming a police state and the sad fact is nobody seems to be seeing it, perhaps they're all too engrossed in Love Island and X factor.......................

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The use of Nazi Germany trivialises the Holocaust - it's why I personally don't like such comparisons. It's like when people accuse others of being Nazis when clearly they aren't. 

It's just a bloody awful comparison.


Some of the rhetoric on both sides of the debate needs toned down. Accusations and counter-accusations don't deal with the very real problem of anti-Semitism, which is vile, inexcusable and exists on the left as well as the right.


That goes for everyone - from Margaret Hodge and her "fucking anti-Semites and racists" comments to more inflammatory Israel=Jew comments from certain elements of the left.

I agree to a point, but one side in this has absolutely no interest in calming the situation. The media hype is exactly what they're aiming for, in the hope that the pressure tells on Corbyn and his supporters.


Fortunately, there's no sign of giving in to these ridiculous attacks.


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I presume that question was coherent in your mind but I have no idea what you are talking about.

You don’t see that Corbyn has made a lifelong career of finger pointing at his opponents prejudices whilst being completely comfortable with his own?
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3 hours ago, Detournement said:

...A one state solution with full civil rights is the only way forward. 


That's a posture that allows people to puff their chest out in a virtue signalling sort of way but I suspect they would steer well clear if it was ever attempted to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. All across Europe the emergence of the modern nation-state since the mid-19th century has often involved large flows of populations in response to armed conflict as more homogenous political entities were created. Nobody is seriously suggesting that Serbia and Croatia should attempt to share a state again, for example, so why do some people like to pretend that utopian solutions are suddenly going to be possible in the Middle East? A one-state solution is a dangerous fantasy but a way needs to be found to get Israel to move back to something a lot closer to their 1967 borders, so a viable Palestinian state can emerge, and that's an issue that mainly needs to be sorted out in Washington, DC.


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On 01/08/2018 at 19:11, Jdog said:

Still waiting to hear the 'shocked' Louise Ellman be branded Anti Semitic

She's my local MP in Liverpool and she is awful.

Puts the boot in on Corbyn at any chance. A bit like Frank Field and Kate Hoey, the local CLP want her out (supposedly).

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11 minutes ago, RedRob72 said:


Stock answer Pep, never any thoughts outside your own blinkered view on life. The usual playground insults.


Says you champ.  Your bigotry dictates your view on everything from the constitution to labour to sport.  Blinkered lol have you looked in the mirror recently.

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Says you champ.  Your bigotry dictates your view on everything from the constitution to labour to sport.  Blinkered lol have you looked in the mirror recently.

“Says you’ !? Jeez are you about 13 Pep, seriously?
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On 02/08/2018 at 13:44, NotThePars said:

The Israeli settlement policy is a deliberate attempt to make a two state solution unworkable.

The Two state solution is just a red herring spouted by Zionists to justify Israeli expansion.

There will never be a one state because Muslims would outnumber Jews and the Zionists ethnocracy would be dead.

And there will never be a two state solution because Israel would need to define where its borders are, something which Israel will never do, and just think about that ,a Country that won't tell anyone where its borders are!..and that's so it can keep annexing the West bank.

What will happen is Israel won't stop expanding until it takes all the land 'from the river to the sea'

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