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The Blue Arsecheek vs Spoonburners - Boxing Day

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3 hours ago, The_Kincardine said:

Indeed.  Doesn't stop them being a provincial club.

Anyway, 20 minutes away from the keyboard and 8 notifications.  I had no idea that folk with rickets could get so excitable.  Then again, they were playing Rangers.

I think you'll find it does :lol:

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Only disappointment is that it appears McGregor didn’t go full tonto into the away end corner when he scored. 

Other than that it’s a solid result. Wee Lenny still unbeaten against the **** at Ibrox. Glorious.

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On 23/12/2018 at 21:41, BobWilliamson said:

Two huge games for Rangers before the break. Win these two and No. 55 could be a possibility this season!! Today’s winner and the way we outplayed Hibs in the last game must make us favourites for this one.

What we can’t afford to do is take our eye off the ball. The Celtic game will take care of itself!! 

We need to be 100% from the first whistle to the last as we know TLB will have them right up for this game!!

there's something almost endearingly mental about Rangers* fans that still hold a genuine belief that #55 is just around the corner, often while giving an Alan Partridge style shrug to the haemorrhaging of eye-bleeding sums of money every single year since ye olde Rangers were liquidated.

It's like watching people voluntarily sign up to some kind of blatant Ponzi scheme and crowing about how rich they're going to be soon.

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4 minutes ago, bennett said:

Looks really ill there.

Does he? I can't see it meself, other than the cunning choice of video still, but I'm no doctor. What do you think is wrong with him?

However, despite not having a telly, I can diagnose that the BBC have been repeating the old Christmas Doctor Who holiday specials again, which is where bennett came up with the idea of trying a "Don't you think she looks tired?" on Pie and Bovril. Bless him!

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If they hadn't done so well in Europe then Gerrard would be getting hounded out by now. They are absolutely no better than they were two seasons ago.

They'd be struggling to make top six if they lost Morelos in Jan, so no wonder Gerrard is frantic about the prospect of him leaving.

EDIT - Just checked and Sevco would currently be bottom half if you took away Morelos' goals. Talk about a one-man team.

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1 hour ago, Zing. said:


Daz “YLT” McGregor taking bodies at Ibrox yet again. **** raging that we got a freekick for it just as we did last year when he won a header while holding Morelos by the neck. 


Even with Andrew Dallas helping them out, Hibs could only scrape a draw.


Surprised that they're so happy with that.


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