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The Blue Arsecheek vs Spoonburners - Boxing Day

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2 hours ago, The_Kincardine said:

Stevie G (and some players) has got to start appreciating just how important provincial clubs like Hibs regard matches vs Rangers.

Bah! The capital club club being provincial?
An oxymoron from the ***-moron.
Can't you appreciate important capital clubclubs like Hibs?
Kincardine, appreciate how highly Hibs are regarded.

In a moment of madness, McGregor made the mistake.
No *** deserved to be gifted a belated Christmas present.

YLT Daz redeemed himself by hammering Mackie's late cross.
Our Leithuanian ruffled feathers with his own blessed cross.
Underperforming Mallan strutted about like a peacock.
Rangers were very lucky to walk away without being beaten.

Boyle is still off-the-boil but he got embroiled enough.
Only Lennon (correctly) wanted to persevere with McGregor.
Xenophobic hatred from the ***s was silenced.

Hundreds of ***s poured out of Ibrox's pores afterwards.
Unsurprised to see Ambrose pelted with a lighter...
Nice of the ref to pick it up and light Efe's Cuban.

You can't beat the caustic tears of hammered ***s.
Lennon almost turned me agnostic.
The_Kincardine has turned me acrostic.




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37 minutes ago, Marshmallo said:

Looked it up there as it seems to be quite the long running trend.

Since "the incident" in the summer of 2012 (ie the death of Rangers), the Head to Head in all comps is

Rangers wins - 7

Draws - 3

Hibs wins - 9

Given the respective budgets that is wild. Rangers have won 1 of the last 8.

I am fairly sure that Lennon hasnt lost to these muppets in Glasgow either.


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23 minutes ago, Johnstoun said:

Weeping for the memory of a club gone by?

"A lad at the seminary, Father Benny Cake, he recorded a song that went to number one in England.
He didn't want to be known as a priest so he called himself....... what was it he called himself? Anyway..... the song was called Vienna."


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1 hour ago, Bairnardo said:

A boxing day fixture means most neutrals forget all about the build up with other stuff pre occupying us... Pretty funny to check the scores and see Hibs effortlessly goading the **** yet again. Its not just in the big games, the **** just cannot lay a glove on Lenny.

Come on folks show some Christmas spirit and let's give the wee man some likes here....


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2 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:
3 minutes ago, bennett said:
Come on folks show some Christmas spirit and let's give the wee man some likes here....

Rattled... Again. Stupid ***.

Maybe it's some sort of code that only little people can understand.....


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4 minutes ago, johnmc80 said:

Was the ‘juggler’ not one of the ones that the old gers never paid? Along with the facepainter.

Na, the facepainter got paid. The fire breather however is still waiting to get paid alongside the juggler and the trapeze artists 

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