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  1. Nosebleeds all round. up until this season I’d thought their name was 12. Dundee.
  2. CNN is under new ownership and rumours are that it’s headed Foxwards. This would of course be great for democracy in the US…
  3. “It wasn’t the £800k bung to BoJo that got me the gig, it was the £400k bung to the Tory party!”
  4. Wow, was convinced we lost the game where Treanor hammered that one in! Mainly remember regular beatings at the hands of the Bairns around that time…
  5. Mark Treanor scored an absolute screamer against Falkirk. Unfortunately it was the same game where Stainrod scored from the halfway line!
  6. Sorry, both of those images are from the 'Bristling With Possibilities' book. I can't see any other mention of your grandad in there but it was from a quick skim and the text is quite small!
  7. I think you’re just too youthful for my dreadful 1980s based reference.
  8. You label the offender ‘bogie’ and pray that he doesn’t take some form of dinghy related vengeance.
  9. In fairness Thatcher’s core belief was that everyone should have little more than cold self-interest.
  10. You could employ someone to remind him what a c**t he is every 15 minutes though.
  11. No, they think they're the leading two, but more exposure would just show how hopeless they both are. With Tugendhat attacking from the sane end, and Badenoch from the crazy they're in a lose lose situation in the debates.
  12. Big if true. Will await further confirmation of this.
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