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Aberdeen vs A Class Above Aberdeen

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A Wednesday night game under the lights as Stevie G tries to improve on his dismal record against the Dons. Assume that Cosgrove and Lewis will still be out, so Stewart and Wilson to be up front? The Rangers will also be worried about attacking strength as Jermaine Defoe will be in the squad.

Prediction: Ferguson screamer in the 90th minute, BawWatchin to claim this as proof that Aberdeen have no flair and can influence referees. 

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1 minute ago, naegoodinthedark said:

Stonehaven beach welcomes visiting fans.

Aberdeen = Wehrmacht?


Anyway I'm guessing that we'll play our infallible diamond system again which never lets us down and the sheep will sit in and counter attack...


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Guest Moomintroll
Some flute playing staunch Lanarkshire ***.
Nah, apparently it's Dr Cement and he has already telegraphed when the pelanties are occurring. For the first half at least.
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