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TTGJ’s XI v King Snake McKinnon’s XI: The Hounding/Shame Game Crossover

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Falkirk win and McKinnon celebrates a goal by running up the stairs to the easedales, cracking one of them and tea bagging him while he lies on the ground sparkled. All caught on this new BBC channel which is the reason every c***s TV licence is going up.

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10 hours ago, Scosha said:

Hopefully JJ gets punted when we lose to QOS on Tuesday. Any care taker manager will do a better job than him. Can’t see anything other than a straightforward Falkirk victory here and a decent shame game. 

JJ to get punted then Houstie to take temporary charge of the team before appointing him as full time gaffer

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11 hours ago, CC52 FFC said:

With the game moved to the Friday night it now lands on my birthday, which over the years we’ve always drawn on. Sorry to spoil the fun lads.

8yr ago we played Morton away on the same day, 0-0 fist pump Elvis 

I share same birthday and will be in Portugal, VPN and iPlayer has me sorted for what will be a messy day.



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With Todorov, Lavery and Jarvis starting for the reserves today I'd imagine it will be Rudden and Petravicius up front again on Friday 

I'd bring Edjenguele back in to the team with Dixon at LB as for me it's our most solid defensive line-up, and we're away from home.

Hopefully Osman is fit again but I think Paton has proved over the last few weeks that he can fill in if required. 


McGhee McKenna Edjenguele Dixon

Waddington Osman McShane Keillor-Dunn

Rudden Petravicius 


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51 minutes ago, Poet of the Macabre said:

Who's the commentators? It's not one of the usual shite BBC guys that does the Scottish Cup is it?

Presented by Steven Thompson and Scott McDoanld, with Liam McLeod and Billy Dodds doing the commentary.


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